iPhone 3G Only $199… Wasn’t Expecting That

Apple to Research in Motion. “We’ve sacrificed a bit of quarterly profit to get some of your market share. Your move…”

Well RIM, what are you going to do? I don’t think too many people thought that Apple would release the iPhone 3G at a $199. iPhones are now as cheap as iPods. You’ve benefitted over the last year because of the original iPhone’s exceptionally high price point. Unexpectedly, that luxury is gone.

$200 bucks isn’t going to deter too many people who want an iPhone 3G from getting an iPhone 3G. I don’t think the BlackBerry Bold is the answer. I hope that the BlackBerry Thunder is the bomb and, If I were you, I would make sure that you don’t lock it down. Additionally, you might want to go ahead and officially announce the BlackBerry Thunder before everyone that potentially might buy one goes out and gets an iPhone 3G first.


  1. Thought says

    I agree, Robb, that RIM needs to move fast to announce the BB Thunder.

    I really do believe at this price point that the BB Thunder will pretty much be left with only the market of customers who absolutely stick with VZW for their superior service. Now that is not an insignificant market, and so the Thunder will still do well, and may stop some of the bleeding from VZW to ATT to acquire the iPhone.

    But for those who don’t see a clear enough advantage with VZW’s network, I can’t imagine there being any real competition with this new iPhone, unless VZW starts giving away the new BB.

    I really feel sorry for all of those other iPhone copycats, from companies like LG, Samsung, etc…because they will be left in the dust. Their only advantage was price, and that is now gone.

  2. says

    You almost have to wonder if Verizon will start to significantly subsidize the price of all of those feature phones that have come out recently. I am guessing that you will see prices on those things drop down to free probably sooner than later.

    As for the BlackBerry Thunder, Verizon is going to have to do very well with folks who simply won’t change networks. The question, though, is how many of those users will want a BlackBerry with a touch screen only.

  3. dapoktan says

    I’ve been looking around, but blackberry users stay loyal because of the keyboard.. If it wasnt such an issue, people would have gone for the 1st iphone over the Curve..
    I hated typing with the iphone.. if the Bold can maintain the 300$ range that is rumored.. I dont see how there could be a huge exodus from the bb to the iphone..

  4. says

    It’s not that BlackBerry users that I am worried about. It is the potential BlackBerry users that never get one because they can get an iPhone for 200 bucks.

    AS well as the iPhone did over the last year, price was a major factor that kept it from doing even better. $199 is low enough that the casual consumer that just wants a cool phone will get the device they came into the store for without really thinking about price which would cause them to look at other devices.

  5. bluehorseshoe says

    There will be people running for the new iPhone, but I’m not entirely sure it will be to the extent that everyone believes. Corporations will still prefer and buy the BB, and consumers will still buy the BB because of the keyboard, email, etc. RIM has a few models out that will appeal to most consumers. It’s just a matter of what flavor ice cream they prefer. Overall, the new price point that Apple set is great for all consumers now that we’ll most likely see slight drop in price perhaps.

    I agree with Thought, the biggest losers here are LG, Samsung, Nokia, etc.

    Time will tell.

  6. Patrick C. says

    i’m developing software for both devices so i’ll probably end up getting both a Bold and the new iPhone. But that $199 price is huge. Before, the touchscreen keyboard wasn’t worth spending the amount the iPhone used to cost. Now at $199, i feel most people would deal with the touchscreen, since the phone is cool and cheaper. RIM has exactly 1 month before iPhone is released… they better be teaming up with their favorite journalists and push the hell out of the Bold and Thunder.

  7. Ben says

    $199…I think I want to pick one up to replace my ipod and have it as a backup phone. That’s a great price!

  8. Newtonjack says

    Additionally, you might want to go ahead and officially announce the BlackBerry Thunder before everyone that potentially might buy one goes out and gets an iPhone 3G first.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    You are exactly right, it is imperative that RIMM announces the Thunder and maybe have Verizon do some pre-launch ads to let the world know ther eis an answer to the iPhone on a network other than ATT.

    Remember the 1st iPhone annopuncment? It was 6 months before the actuall launch date.

  9. Greg B says

    Yeah, the iPhone is cheaper, but you’re also now spending $10 more for data and no longer have those 200 texts bundled into the plan, so there’s even more money out of your pocket. I thought the iPhone’s data plans were great… now they’re no different than the rest of them. In other words, “you pay either way.”

    I think it will be very interesting to see if AT&T’s 3G coverage lives up to its own hype.


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