iHeartRadio: Streaming Internet Radio For The BlackBerry

iHeartRadio for BlackBerry

There is another internet radio application for the BlackBerry making its way around the web called iHeartRadio and it looks pretty promising.  Unfortunately, iHeartRadio doesn’t work on the BlackBerry Storm so I will have to wait until I can install on one of my backup devices before I give you my two cents.  From the screens shots, however, the interface looks really good.  Maybe even better than Slacker.

iHeartRadio is currnetly supported on the BlackBerry Pearl, Curve, and Bold.  Not sure about the BlackBerry Curve 8900 and it is coming soon to the BlackBerry Storm.  iHeartRadio is a free BlackBerry download and you can get it here.

iHeartRadio for BlackBerry Storm now available…


  1. James Anderson says

    I went ahead today and downloaded the iheartradio app. I used it on my blackberry curve. It downloaded fast and soon enough I was listening to some of my favorite radio stations, some from the NY area where I live and then found stations from my home state of Texas, which is very cool! Best of all it’s free and at least I recommend you try it and you’ll see its a great product too. No harm in trying, I give it a thumbs up!

  2. nathan says

    I just downloaded this App. today. It downloaded nice and fast and for a free service the interface truly is nice. I have a problem however, when I try to “log on” to any of the stations it starts buffering then after about 5min. of nothing happening I get an error message stating ” Cannot connect to stream”. My connection was perfect with all bars ,(EDGE 2.5g), using my service providers network, (Rogers). The phone is a Blackberry Pearl 8220 (flip), using RIM 4.6 softwear, my Provider is only capable of 2.5g speeds, however I can’t see that making much of a difference since I can get streaming video with the 2.5g.
    If anyone can help shead some light on this issue and how I may go about fixing it please e-mail me at west-ventures@live.com or reply here.


    PS: Just How Data Intensive is Internet radio anyway? Is is basically the same as watching streaming video, or is it less due to the fact there is only audio and not video? hmmm… I only have 512MB/M of data. lol

  3. nathan says

    IMHO, This is not a good way to advertise your products as it frustrates people more than causing people to buy your products. Unless you asked for permission to post, then I guess its ok, but I saw that post and thought to myself “I wouldn’t buy any of his products”. But mabey thats because I’m waiting for a reply to help me with my question(s), and that could be why I got frustrated.
    Anyway can anyone help me with the problem I’m having with this App. not being able to connect to stream? Read my last post for more details. I would love to get this app. working since I can plug the cell into my car stero and run the audio through the car speakers.
    Please help :(

    Thank you


  4. nick little says

    Hey Nathan, i read that the connectivity to the stream is only as good your regular cell phone service, nothing the app can really fix if your service isnt that good. who is your service provider for your BB?

  5. nathan says

    OK , I’m a little bit of a vergin to the blackberrys and other smart phones, This is all new to me. So what is “BB”? My service provider is Rogers Canada. My connection had full bars on the EDGE 2.5g network and I was in an area with really good service, likly close to max. 2.5g (anyone know of a good Canadian speed tester site for blackberrys?). Also, I can get streaming you-tube video no problem. How do I make sure all other applactions are closed? Again the phone is the Peral 8220 (flip), I’m using RIM., (4.6 anyway), sofwear. what is the mininum internet speed whicj I would need to run this app.?

    Thank you very much!

    PS: is there a really good blackberry discussion forum that I could go too and get the full help I njeed on all my blackberry questions?

  6. Vanessa says

    I just tried to download this to my BlackBerry 8320 curve, and got a message back saying that my blackberry does not support this app….and ideas why?

  7. Alicia says

    Yea so I am trying to get the website to load on my pearl 8120 and it stays at half loaded then won’t do anything. I have perfect service but I really want this app!! Any ideas?

  8. Harriet says

    I have the Blackberry curve and I too get the same error message Unable to connect to stream”. A couple of my friends have the same phone and they connected just fine. So what’s the problem?

  9. nathan says

    I feel for you man, I just kinda gave up on the whole internet radio thing, Tried Pandora, (I think it was) and it only works in USA. I’m not willing to pay for XM, well mabey if I could afford an extra $7/M. The other free one, which I have downloaded, however I havent tried in town yet, it won’t work at home as i get like 150kbps advatage and on good days/times I get 200+ kbps. also, on top of that I only have 512MB/M of data, (for the browser) on my BB, (nick little: I figured out what BB means, duh, “blackberry”, lol), for $56/M including caller, (name & number), ID, Some text, MMS, etc messaging, 300 daytime mins. and unlimited evenings and weekends, (for calling). On my home PC I use the Rogers “Rocket Stick”. I have 1GB of browsing/downloading data usage with the Rogers “Rocket Stick”. (the rocket stick is the only option in my area other than dial-up). I’m OK with their plans, but they really should have unlimited for $50/M! The best they have is 5GB/M for apx. $80/M.
    Anyway, enough blabbing, Harriet: I will continue to look into this problem, I have tried reinstalling it and changing the user permission settinngs to allow, but still no go. Try these links and ask some questions or search… http://www.blackberry.com/Blackberry101/ ,(thank you Vanessa!), http://www.blackberryforums.com . There is some other handy links on one of those sites I gave you.
    Let me know at http://www.west-ventures@live.com if you learn anything. Give me your E-mail, if you want, and I will let you know if I figure out anything. I might as well try to get internet radio working while I’m still on my 3 month unlimited free data with my BB device.

    Thanks and sorry about the long comment.

    PS: Thanks admins for removing that ad that was advertising cell phones and contracts, I figuired he didn’t have permission and it really wasn’t the place for it.

  10. john j. says

    I downloaded it today perfectly on my blackberry storm. i saw a post from the iheartmusic facebook page that it was up and running and went right away to try it on my phone and it was done in no time. great little app!

  11. Mike says

    I just got the Blackberry Storm, but I dont see where to go to download the iHeartRadio App? My Application Center doesnt give me many options.

  12. kyle says

    loving that this app is now up on the storm! i follow iheartradio_com on twitter and they’ve been giving me some really great tips!

  13. Trenton says

    Nathan & Harriet and any one else that has the Cannot Connect To Stream Error. Most times this occurs due to the permission you or the phone set when you down loaded the app. Go in to Options>Advanced Options>Applications, and then scroll through the list to find the application you want to alter. leave the item highlighted and hit the menu button, and select Edit Permissions. Once inside the permissions scroll down through Connections and Interactions and expand them as necessary. Make sure Carrier Internet and Media access say allow, if it does select the other allow (Yes there are two). Exit out and restrat your radio module

    I too had the problem and played around with it till I got it to work. Hope this helps.


  14. Vanessa says

    Hello & Good Morning Everyone,

    Thank YOU all so much for all the helpful advice, However as I tried to reset my BlackBerry’s settings and what have you and tried to download it again it is still telling me my BB will not support the app…Why, well cause my cell service provider is T-Mobile (go figure) I was really hoping to have a feature as this on my BB but looks like I will have to keep searching for other alternatives…Again Thanks everyone for all your help

  15. Vanessa says


    Thanks for the link to the BlackBerry forum I will make sure to check it out and see if maybe there might be something else I can download instead for my BB….Have a great day

  16. nathan says

    Hey its no problem sweetie, I hope you find some kind of internet radio that will work with your carrier. If you havent alredy, try “Flycast”. It’s not nearly a pretty of an interface and there ins’t as many channels but its the only free internet radio app. that I have found so far that works for me. I’m ready to give up on Iheartradio, but I’m going to try soome playing around with the user settings again.

    When I decided to try and re-download this app. through the link on this site. I went ahead and changed the user settings. As it will give you the option to change user settings before you download the app. I Set everything to “Allow” Not too sure what most of the options are but I figured it wouldn’t hurt. Downloaded the Iheartradio app. with all the user settings set to “allow”. And still the same problem “cannot connect to stream”. I have a really good feeling that there is a user setting I have to change to allow, I’ll just play around a bit and change the settings the way you sujested.
    Other than that well then I’ll just give up and wait for Iheartradio to come out with an update. Until then Flycast works just fine for me, and because I only have 500mb/M of data usage, I can’t see myself using internet radio a whole lot unless I want to pay more money for going over my monthly data limit.

    Thanks everyone, this is a great BB site with really nice and helpful members!


  17. shawn says

    I have no problem downloading the application and I checked my firewall and disabled it, but I am still getting the message unable to connect to stream. I have a pearl with verizon. I need answers to this problem. Thanks

  18. nathan says

    Did you also change you user settings to “allow for this app. alone. when your at the download screen it that should be a check box above the download button that says “Change user settings” or somthing like that, Check that off. It will the n bring you to a screen that says “theis app. is asking to change user settings, select yes. then try downloading it. It didn’t work for me but it worked for some other BB users.

    Hope this helps.

  19. Rolando says

    Hey Guys, FYI for Canadian BlackBerry users, this is quoted from the FAQ from the iHeartMusic website:

    “Is iheartradio available in my area?
    iheartradio is available to customers in the United States with cell phone coverage or access to a Wi-Fi network.”

    Unfortunately just like Slacker and Pandora we get left out again!

  20. jovonka says

    Im having problems with this app also. i have the bb 8350i which is 4.6 software on nextel. It keeps buffering and then plays for 10 seconds. does anyone know why this doesnt play for 4.6?

    • dickie says

      I have this app on bb8350i with 4.6 software, the problem is not the software it is Nextel. this app will NEVER work on Nextel because Nextel’s data is not fast enough to support streaming audio….However, activate the wifi function on the bb and it plays flawlessly on mine, plus mms is much more reliable and web browsing isn’t as lethargic.

  21. paulette says

    My blackberry keeps buffering, it (iheartradio) works for like 10 minutes then buffers every couple of seconds, does anyone else have this problem? Its very frustrating!!!!!! AGGGGGGGHHHHHH

  22. Jeremy says

    I’m have major issues with iheartradio today for my storm. Is anyone else having issues? For some reason I have an older version of the app now. It’s similar to the old flycast app with the letters and numbers on the screen and only available in portrait view. Help!!


  23. Lancelot says

    If you do a search for “iHeart Radio Buffering” you’ll see that this program has fallen on its face since around the time it was released for the BB.
    All anyone gets now is the “Buffering” notice, but no connection to a channel. Recent reviews / comments on iTunes & Google all remark about having this buffering issue.

  24. Katrina says


    I never would have found the two allows! I changed my Carrier Internet to the other allow it started to work! Thanks! Good luck everyone!

  25. Rich says

    I have a BB Curve from T-Mobile and have downloaded iheartradio. It has all the music & talk stations I need/want however after it starts playing, it KEEPS stopping then starting…OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. Its SO frustrating!!!

    I read one of the comments above that said it’s not the buffering but your service provider but that can’t be true because I’ve got full-service bars almost everywhere I go. Phone & internet works perfectly but this darn app keeps interrupting.

    I don’t know if there is a workaround or a fix such as changing my settings, etc…but Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail me! BuddhaFreak@gmail.com

  26. winagirlKLPX says

    i LUUUUVVV iheartradio!!!! I listen to it on my BB while i’m taking a caca on the bowl while im having a bad case of Diarrhea. Squirt, squirt, lol!!! But inside da bathroom i get great reception on my BB, and da sound and clarity makes it seem like theirs bass coming out the toliet……or then again, maybe it could be me busting guts too…….oh well, Iheartradio, and iheart fecal matter!!!

  27. Patrick says

    i am experiencing something i haven’t noticed on this board. iHEARTradio loads quickly and plays smoothly – LOVE IT – except it seems whenever i get notification of an e-mail or text message – it stops.

    any thoughts?

  28. Rob says

    Patrick, same thing happens to me. When I get an email, I have to switch to iheartradio and manually click Play to resume listening. I have looked for options to change this behavior, but no luck so far.

  29. Randy says

    I have the blackberry curve 8900, I was able to download it and it is working pretty good, the old problem I have is I am not receiving my incoming calls. Can anybody help with this?

  30. Steve says

    I got it today for my storm and it it buffering like crazy in the beginnning but it seemed to stop after a while. Good app for sure.

  31. stpetelady says

    i have a BB curve 8900 and this app works great for me. the only problem i have is: i tagged some songs and now i can’t access them. does anyone else have this problem? is there a way i can access these songs? any help is greatly appreciated!

  32. Jay Dee says

    The same bufferig problem. The reason I think it does not work is that if you are out of the States, iHeart is not covered by the local carrier. Don’t know why that shoud be a problem, as it is internet radio. But, thats the commomn thread I see across all users who have “Unable to connect to stream” problem. If anyone manages to fix it, please post it. User changes to allow Connections and Interactions dont affect it.

  33. Dayna says

    i have the blackberry curve 8900 and i download the iheart radio and it’s not working can anyone help me with this ? thanks

  34. Brian says

    I recently downloaded the iheartradio application to my blackberry curve 8310. The app appears in the application folder. I can open it and it “Fetches” several items but then does nothing. What am I missing here? I’ve tried the iheartradio website and the blackberry website for help but can not find anything like this under the FAQ section or the help area. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Debra says

      I was having the same problem. Go to Options/Advanced Options/Applications/iheartradio. Click again and choose Edit Permissions. Make sure the phone and GPS connections are set to Allow. Save the changes and then restart iheartradio. After it goes through the “fetching” you should be prompted to find local stations.

  35. Amanda says

    I’m having trouble with this App for my Storm. I’ve updated the firmware to 4.7 and I downloaded it from the website per the instructions, but I cannot find the App anywhere on my phone, not under the Applications folder or Downloads folder. When I go to Options, I do see it under Applications but it doesn’t give me any kid of options to actually run the App.

    Any ideas??

  36. D. Fette says

    I down loaded Iheartradio, it all words well except when I go to cities, they they come up (first Page) but the screen freezes, and freezes the whole phone to the point that I have to shut down my BLACKBERRY CURVE and turn it back on to get out of IHEARTRADIO, How to fix please, I would like to browse cities also.

  37. Meetu says

    I got a new blackberry tour and am still figuring it out. How do I download the Iheart on it? Does it even exist on the tour yet?? Please help!

  38. mario says

    why is it saying it may charge me???? is it or isnt it going to charge for useing it??? i have a nextel bb btw

  39. sadkloun says

    when are you goin to have available software for other phones than blackberry or ipod, such as the flight, soltice, phones of those sorts?

  40. Tom Rutledge says

    i am trying to sign back into iheart radio and it says that i do not have the right password so i asked them to email me the correct password and it says the password was sent but it was not. i have repeated three times with no luck. can someone help me please. thankyou


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