I Like The BlackBerry Curve In Black

I am not sure why, but, there is something that I like about the BlackBerry Curve in all black.

As many of you may have already heard, there are some pretty solid rumors that the CDMA BlackBerry Curve 8330 from Sprint will hit their network on April 20th.

We just talked about an April launch of the Sprint BlackBerry Curve and posted a live picture of a test device last week. I have to admit, however, that the screen grab from BBGeeks of what looks to be marketing material from Sprint, the all black version looks kind of sweet.


  1. Zicky says

    I have sprint and it looks like i’m getting a new blackberry especially since this one is coming out around my birthday.

  2. Drew says

    That S*** is soooo hot…why cant verizon come out wit phones like this….who designs these blackberries they ALL should be black….everything is hott in black…If i was a marketer for blackberry i would be bringing in soo much money cause i’ve beeeeenn sayin the curve should be in black….If verizon brings a black curve im gonna have to murder for it

  3. PhxZoo Geek says

    @ Drew

    I don’t think you’ll have to exactly murder for it if it comes out… I think you’ll just have to purchse it… but hey, to each his own.

    I’ve got sprint and I’ve been waiting for this STUPID phone for a year and a half. I’m sick of my BRICKberry 7100i on Nextel – WITH a whip antena… yeah they don’t make those anymore.

    Finally the hottest sprint phone ever is coming out and I’ve been so dissapointed by waiting, I’m having trouble getting excited for it. I’ll bet that when it gets closer I’ll start my drooling. My wife is already prepared.

    The black is pretty sweet, and I can’t wait for a blackbery with a full size headphone jack! 1 month to go.

  4. tommy says

    I am actually switching from from VZ (8130) to Sprint when this comes out. Cant beat the $99 unlimited plan for someone who uses loads of minutes and data, and the black looks a lot better then silver, which VZ will prob carry. Any idea how much this will cost with a new plan?

  5. JHP2 says

    Looks awesome in black and th eSprint plan cannot be beat. But I switched to VZW from Sprint and sold for Sprint. I can tell you that the network is not as strong as VZW. Still…..

  6. Thought says

    Keep in mind the photos of the actual Sprint model showed the unit to be the same gray as the other carrier versions.

    This picture is not definitive proof that the Sprint model will be black; it could be an early marketing piece for instance.

    So yes, black is cool, but Sprint may still get the gray. And regardless, I will take Verizon’s far superior network and customer service to Sprint anyday, regardless of the color.


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