Google Voice Applications Coming To BlackBerry And Android Devices This Morning

According to the official Google Voice Twitter account, Google Voice  for BlackBerry and Android devices will be available this morning, July 15th.  There was no word on when apps for the Palm Pre and iPhone would be available.

We have yet to see either app in action, however according to other reports the one for Android is going to be more full featured as compared to the BlackBerry version.  That said, both apps will allow the user to make as well as receive calls from their Google Voice number as opposed to their cell number.  Additionally, users on either Android or the BlackBerry will also be able to send and receive text messages, check voicemail and view their call history.

Android users will be able to download Google Voice from the Android Market.  Google Voice for BlackBerry will be available via Google’s website as it will not be listed on App World.

[Via Gadgetell]


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    “Google Voice for BlackBerry will be available via Google’s website as it will not be listed on App World”

    Why not? ALL available app’s should be available through App World, or the value of App World is decreased.

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    While the official BlackBerry app is LIGHT YEARS ahead of GVDialer – both apps are missing one significant feature – CALL BACK!

    If you dial out with either app Google Voice doesn’t call you – it just connects you via some random number (which if you are using it with T-Mobile’s my faves) renders it completely useless because the calls now use your minutes. [With my setup I had my Google Voice # as 1 of my “myFaves” so when I made calls using the 3rd party G1 app – it didn’t use any of my minutes.]

    I’m going to stick w/the official BlackBerry app on my Verizon Pearl, but on my T-Mobile G1 I’m gonna go with the original 3rd party “GV” app…


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