Google Apps Will Soon Integrate With BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Google Apps Connector for BESResearch in Motion and Google are currently testing integration between Google Apps  and BlackBerry Enterprise Server.  Google Apps Connector for BES will allow administrators to manage users and apply policies the same way the would for Exchange users while syncing email, contact, and calendar data with Google Apps.

Google Apps Connector for BES offers:

  • Gmail with push support, offline access, read/delete sync, spam filtering, and support for archiving/stars right.
  • One-way sync (GCal > BlackBerry) with Google Calendar, with support for recurring meetings and meeting notification alerts.
  • Two-way sync for contacts.

Google App Connector for BES is currently being beta tested with select companies and universities and will be freely available to Premier/Education customers in July.

[Via MobileCrunch]


  1. new user says

    Lots of company IT admin bock everything to the bare minimum. Basically, most big cooperate BB is a useless phone but making you work overtime.
    Doing so should make IT admin open for Google at the very least.
    Of course, I am from the owner of a “useless” BB perspective.
    That’s why I have 2 BB.

  2. BESAdmin says


    The short answer is yes, you can already sync gmail with BIS and sync your contacts and calendar with google sync, however, as new user points out, many corporately controlled BlackBerrys are locked down.

    My company does allow you to set up BIS accounts, however, we don’t allow you to run Google Sync any longer because we were getting to many helpdesk calls about people having duplicate contacts.

    It looks like this connector will allow BlackBerry Administrators like myself to roll out Google Apps in a much more controlled manner.

  3. The Shadow says

    >> Google is good but Blackberry still has a long way to go

    I think you got that bass ackward.

    Blackberry is good (actually great), Google still has a long way to go… (a very long way)

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