Get An Adobe Air App Accepted Into App World, Get A Free BlackBerry PlayBook

Unlike with BlackBerry 6 and the release of the BlackBerry Torch, Research in Motion has just ensured that, at least a few apps are available for the BlackBerry PlayBook once the device is released.  We told you yesterday that RIM would be at Adobe Max 2010 in a big way…  Well, they are making big news while there.  RIM co-CEO, Mike Lazaridus, has announced that every developer that gets an Adobe Air for Playbook App accepted into BlackBerry App World will get a free BlackBerry PlayBook!

For you developers that just became interested (literally) in developing for the BlackBerry PlayBook, can download  the BlackBerry PlayBook SDK and simulators via the links below…


  1. DavidB says

    Careful…that isn’t what Laz said. He said would be “eligible” to get one for free, not “will” get one for free.

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