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BerryReview has just done a write-up on the new BlackBerry site, Videos4BlackBerry, giving the free BlackBerry video download portal 9 out of 10 stars. You know we are all about free BlackBerry downloads so we decided to check Videos4BlackBerry out for ourselves.

So far it looks like BerryReview was dead on with their ranking as there seems to be a fair amount of quality videos all ready to play on your BlackBerry. You will find T.V. shows like The Unit, Bones, Stargate Atlantis, etc, as well as Video Podcasts like Diggnation. The list is extensive and is growing daily.

A burning question for many may be “Is this site legal?” and Videos4BlackBerry addresses this in the F.A.Q.

Of course it is, all videos obtained and available for download have been gathered up from other sources and converted to a Blackberry compatible source, We also comply with any Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)request via our DMCA page, so that if any content holders have a problem with anything posted to this site it will be removed in a timely manner upon request and verification of holding the copyright to claimed files.

I am not a lawyer nor do I play one on the web so we will let you make your own call. I will say, however, that I’ve seen most of this stuff available for the iPod for free as well.

Because I have an 80 gig iPod video sitting in my jacket pocket, I doubt that I will become a big watcher of videos via my BlackBerry Pearl. It is kind of nice to know, however, that there are sites like Videos4BlackBerry out there in case I ever become one.


  1. JHP2 says

    How is the Pearl working out? I will admit that I am tempted. Keyboard seemed a bit tight when I tried it. Do you send a lot of email on it?

    • says

      if u are planning on buying a blackberry get the blackberry bold 9700 i had a pearl and i had alot of problems with the trackball getting stuck it sucked got a blackberry bold 9700 and i love it would not trade it for the world

  2. says

    The Pearl is working out great. Truth be told, I don’t send very much email from my BlackBerry at all less when I am traveling. I receive quite a bit however, much of which doesn’t require immediate or lengthy repsonse.

  3. JHP2 says

    Thanks. The amount you send is the telling stat. I find that I send a decent amount on my 7130 but would send a lot more if I had a full keyboard. The Sure Type keeps me from elaborating like I want to in my emails. But the Pearl was sooo sweet, I almost pulled th trigger last weekend!

  4. BlackBerry Videos says

    Download or Stream 1000s of BlackBerry videos on your device. Download with your BB browser and play high resolution clips using your BB media player.

  5. says

    If you don’t mind going through a few extra steps you can convert the BB files to work on your IPod with Videora Ipod converter. It’s a free download.

  6. Jade says

    videos4blackberry is one of the great websites for free entertaiment. I have searched endlessly to find good website to download apps, games, themes, and video. video4blackberry has everything worth watching. although watching on your blackberry is quite a pain. try downloading xplayer to watch your video in fullscreen. works like a charm.

  7. lesley says

    I have just got a blackberry and am really impressed as to what you can and cannot do, thanks for the batman downloads, are there any more episodes?

  8. zg says

    If all youy blackberry people have google from just going to the blackberry search button and typing in free google you can go on the internet for free and type in and click on the first 1 and it says free ring tones ext. And that beings you to a page were you can get free rings vidos and thems walpapers and all kinds of stuff thanks for reading

  9. Zulfa says

    heya zulfa er i love my BB but anybody knw of cool websites that i can download movies,games,themes from etc..o and if you from S.A add me my bbm pin is 2738c1aa mwa mwa


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