Free Stuff For Your BlackBerry

Aaron over on BlackBerry Blog, has compiled a list of free stuff for your BlackBerry.  You will find games, ringtones, wallpapers, themes, and mobile websites chock full of stuff that won’t cost you anything but time to take a look at them.

Here’s the list:


  1. joe ceaser says

    I have tried everything to give special people in my address book their own ringtone so that I know who is calling me without having to look at the screen with no luck. Can it be done and if so how would I go about doing that. Can you help me with this problem.

    • Morgan says

      Go to the contact press the menue button then pick edit once you are to all the information of that certin person click that menue button again and it should say something about set ringtone

  2. Lexi says

    I am also looking for ringtones for my BB 7250.
    My Telus rep. told me that I cannot do this.
    Are there any available?

  3. Lily Raissi says

    My BB Pearl does not tell me who is calling me even though I have the name & number in my address book. However afterwards when i go in to my missed call/calls received log, the name of the person previously called shows up.. I can select their name from their address book, i have added both 078… numbers and also +4478.. numbers however it does not work.. i called up vodafone and all they could do to help was send me a new phone, i then took the new phone to a vodafone store and all they told me to do was to go to received calls, then go to options, then smart dialing and make sure that the country code is +44 and the national length number is 12… still not working! it is a real pain as i cannot tell who is calling me and have to guess by the person’s voice who they are!

  4. teena songbandith says

    Hi, I have a blackberry curve. I want to know how to change your trackball. I need to know what site to download is. If you can email it to me then that would be great! Thanks.

  5. Desishawty says

    hey i want to know if u can chnage the color of the trackball on a blackberry curve..if u can please email me the site ..thanks

  6. kaitlin says

    i want to know how to change the trackball color on the bb curve also?! could you email me the site please!

  7. Lakyn higley says

    i know one of the easiest ways to change the color of the trackball on the curve is to take the outter ring off, then gently take the ball out then color the sticky side of a piece of clear scotch tape then color the sticky side of another whatever color you want then. Put them together cut them down to a pretty small rectangle square and slide it down over the led light on the left side then put everything back. if the color doesnt show up you may have to just keep working it it i did it to mine just yesterday with those same directions it took a couple of trials GOOD LUCK its pretty neat wheny ou get it to work!

  8. Lakyn says is a good place for free ringtones. go to on your bb curve. then on your computer look at ringtone then type in the code and click save on your phone! good luck i got some good ones!

  9. Jade says

    I really would like to find a website with some free badass themes for my blackberry pearl 8130. If someone can hejo me that would be awesome! Thanks!

  10. Amanda says

    I’ve been looking for ringback tones for my blackberry pearl 8130 if anyone knows where I can get some please let me know!

  11. crachelle7 says

    if you go to you can get free ring tones.
    there are some you have to pay for but it will tell you. there is alot for free. you have to make an account thou to get alot of free ones. and it will take awhile to send them to your phone but it is totally free

  12. Nicole says

    Hi, I have a blackberry curve. I want to know how to change your trackball. I need to know what site to download is. If you can email it to me then that would be great! Thanks

  13. Steve says

    I am wanting to find out if I can get my BB 8830 to tell me who is calling through my bluetooth? I had a LG phone that used to tell me “Call from…” when i got phone calls, so that i don’t always have to look at the screen to know who is calling.

  14. says

    I am doing it myself too. I am assigning some nice tones fit for a particular contact in my phone. That in a way I know who is calling without looking at my phone.

  15. says

    I am doing a special tone for the most valued contacts in my phone. I assign them tone that would fit their personality or is their favorite that in a way I do need to check my phone to see who is calling!

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