Free BlackBerry Game: Sudoku

There is a new free BlackBerry game from that is available for download on the website for BlackBerry OS version 4 and higher devices.

Sudoku is a brainteaser thats taking the world by storm! Fill in the blanks without repeating digits in every row, column, and box. The challenge comes from having to fill a 9×9 grid so that every row, column and 3×3 box within the grid contains the digits 1-9. Sudoku is a highly addictive blend of logic and lateral thinking.

Free BlackBerry Download, Free BlackBerry Game, Sudoku

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  • E.D.

    When downloading from you only get 50 easy puzzles… to get better ones you have to download from magmic and pay. bummer.

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  • Dave Weed

    You have “Free blackberry downloads” and “Free Blackberry Games” all over the place, but I cannot get to an actual DOWNLOAD link!

  • andres


  • asd


  • paindu

    I use to have free sudoku on my treo 650. Unfortunately the same developer or company did not make one for blackberry or other Mobile phones. Can anyone recoMmend a good one?

  • Brittni

    Great game

  • PoLy

    do you know the game “bejeweled” ?

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  • Alvaro

    The game is excelent but you sould let us download the daily puzzles more then one time a day. The other thing is that the regular puzzles you should let an option to pick any game you want so you can compit whith any body

  • rysio


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  • hpc


  • pamela

    Cuando estas aburrido esperando

  • LuCh

    This is not a totally free program. It gives you a couple of days for trial then you have to pay for it.

  • mulesrule

    I can’t figure out how to save my game. Once you exit, it is lost. That’s a fatal flaw for me. I am looking for a different version. I don’t understand it, because Magmic’s version of Spider lets you save your game.

  • mike

    Thanks for ur good effort

  • jelo


  • Lisa

    Great site

  • bobi


  • neptali

    Good fay

  • Sloppy Slong

    If “ifs” and “buts” were honey and nuts, my testicles would not be the size of peanuts

  • SAli


  • punto


  • alberto peisach

    i tried your suduko and the program is full of bugs: mistakes every other puzzel. had to delete it.

  • erry

    how to download this game?

  • Rajoo Suchak

    Someone would have the free sudoku game. If anyone has it please get it for me

  • ronnie cox

    With the new Bold came none of the games uploaded on the earlier version.
    So can anyone tell me if the free Sudoku still exists and how to download………

  • A7lameme181


  • Edwinguitarrista

    I like.