Forward, Reply, And Edit… The Free BlackBerry Application That Should Be Included In The OS

One of the really annoying things about BlackBerry devices is that they don’t allow you to edit messages when you reply to them or forward them.  A really cool free BlackBerry application that we can across today changes all of that, however.

Forward, Reply, and Edit for BlackBerry does exactly what its name implies.  It allows you to edit messages that you intend to forward or reply to.  This ability is so basic that it is hard to believe that it isn’t already included in the BlackBerry OS.  To be completely honest, I imagine that it will eventually show up in the OS, however, until it does Forward, Reply, and Edit is there for.

As we said earlier, Forward, Reply, and Edit is a free BlackBerry download and you can download it OTA to your BlackBerry by pointing your device’s browser to the following link…

Download Forward, Reply, and Edit for BlackBerry



  1. says

    I’d much rather see the ability to flag and mark emails within my blackberry instead. My biggest frustration with the blackberry stems from not being able to easily follow up on messages I’ve already received. I could always file messages but this takes them out of my site. I’d much rather be able to color an email in my list or mark it with some form of star. This way these messages will jump out at me as I browse through my messages.

  2. Jorge says

    It’s one of the most useful applications that I ever seen for Blackberry. Before of this I couldn’t edit any email that I wish to forward or reply. The best of all it’s 100% free !

  3. Marcus Dale says

    Does anyone know an application for the BlackBerry where you can recieve and email with an attachment, forward the attachment and edit the email sent to you

    as just downloaded Forward, Reply and Edit and this program doesent support forwarding attachments

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