Five Free BlackBerry Storm Applications Worth Downloading

UPDATE:  5 More Free BlackBerry Storm Applications Worth Downloading

There are a lot of free BlackBerry applications out there but it is still kind of hard to find good free BlackBerry Storm applications.

We’ve listed five of the best free BlackBerry Storm applications out there, and, although these apps may run on other BlackBerry devices, if they’ve made our list they contain functionality specific to the BlackBerry Storm.

Check the list out after the jump and get to downloading…


One of the problems with the BlackBerry Storm is that the touch screen doesn’t deactivate when you talking on the phone.  It is very easy to accidentally launch applications, mute, or end your calls simply by holding your BlackBerry Storm up to your face.

TalkLock, from Cellavant, automatically engages a few seconds after a call is connected, and intercepts touch screen actions. This prevents screen presses from launching programs or invoking functions while you talk.


  1. says

    One of these applications was very good at draining my battery. I removed both Slacker and Poynt and can now go multiple days without a charge. I’d almost lean towards Poynt as I was running Slacker longer and didn’t notice the issue as much. It was bad to the point that I was dead by lunch time from a full charge in the morning.

  2. Jon says

    It is Poynt. I was having the same problems and as soon as I deleted Poynt, I stopped getting the freeze ups and the battery drain. I use Beyond 411 instead and it’s an incredible app.

  3. scott says

    on a previous phone I could set it to require a password when turned on. I would really like it if my storm could be set to require a password to unlock the screen but I don’t see how to do that. Is there something I don’t know or is there an app that can do that.

  4. Jeremy says

    Vlingo is a great free app that allows you to call, send text, email, update facebook status, tweet, google search, or launch most OEM applications all with your voice. Very handy when wifey texts you to find out if you’re on your way home and your first thought is….”if I am, do you really think it’s a good idea that I text you back?” It’s a very lightweight application and completely takes the place of the phone’s native voice dialing application. Very much worth downloading.

  5. Victor says

    most of these applications you can download on your blackberry storm now on the app store like poynt, viigo, ticket master, radio companion and iheart radio and more i just didnt feel like downloading them. So yeah just go to applications on your storm download app world and then the free apps are named

  6. jamie says

    could anyone give me a good application for the blackberry storm, for gym and fittness?
    i have had the blackberry a while now and still coming to terms with using it, i was going to fall towards a iphone, but heard good reviews of pacticular smartphone.

  7. Jeremy says

    I recently have been using Pandora Internet Radio, you simply enter a song, artist, or genre, and it will build a station for that type of music, good quality and very easy to use. Free BTW.

  8. G-Unit says

    Jeremy is right. I loved Pandora on my laptop and it is soooo awesome it’s free for my Blackberry Storm. I just wish they would make a free mobile Hulu for it now. Anyone know if that will ever happen?

  9. Rachel says

    TalkLock now charges a small fee of $2.99 but let me tell you, it is worth every penny! This should really come standard with the OS in my opinion. I almost returned my Storm because every time I held my phone up to my ear with my shoulder I would mute the person I was talking to or end the call! With this app I don’t have that problem anymore and now I love my Storm!

  10. Scott says

    TalkLock is $2.99…you’d think they’d update their info and/or fact check before reposting an old list.

  11. anthony says

    Pandora works great. I use the TALKLOCK free trial – loved it. I’m going to buy it. POYNT – mixed feelings. I looked up movies and addresses but it often cannot find my location or the information is a little off. Im going to remove this and use my link to and unless someone can recommend a good app. I also have the B of A app and the weather app…. all work great

  12. anthony says

    *****Im looking for a great calender or organizational tool that would link to my calendar*** the PALM PRE shows a color organized calendar that can separate work and everything else. dont want to spend more than $15. any recommendations would be appreciated

  13. John Parkin says

    I am interested in an app that will let me manage my contacts with a G-Mail contact list. Does such a thing exist?


    John P

  14. patrick says

    After I started browsin with my fone,I noticed my storm as been slow,I don’t knw if its the themes I downloaded. Is there any software that can rectify this problem and is d new OS 5.0 working well

  15. Nazir Accad says

    After havin put teh application on my storm, how do i open the app form the phone, cuz i cnt seem to find it!..plz anyone help

    • Ted K says

      After installing app, goto your “Downloads” folder. From there you can select an app ==> click the blackberry button ==> select “Move to Folder”. This way you can organize your apps to your liking. Hope this helps.

  16. says

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