Facebook for BlackBerry 1.7 Now Available

Well, what do you know…  Research in Motion has gone an released Facebook for BlackBerry 1.7, and, I have to say that it has some pretty nice new features:

  • News Feed Support – The ability to set the News Feed as the landing page
  • News Feed Filters – The ability to toggle between ‘News Feed, Status Updates, Photos & Links’
  • Caching Improvements – The application uses the device memory more efficiently.
  • Feed Pre-fetching – The user will not be required to wait while their Facebook Feeds are updated
  • View Profile Menu Option – Clients may easily view their own profile by selecting ‘View my Profile’ from the menu. “

Now, if RIM would just add the ability for you to see a contacts friends and mutual friends as well as adding Facebook Chat functionality, possibly integrating it with BlackBerry Messenger or something, Facebook for BlackBerry would be one heck of an application.

You can download Facebook for BlackBerry 1.7 by visting www.blackberry.com/facebook from your BlackBerry Browser or get it on BlackBerry App World.

  • Chris

    When I checked the 1.6 was still being pushed through App World even though it was labeled as 1.7. However, the http://www.blackberry.com/facebook link did prompt for the correct 1.7 version.

  • Chris

    One thing I don’t see and maybe I am just missing it…. I would really like the option to delete something posted on my wall if I want to without having to leave the application.

  • Sparky

    It can be updated through Facebook App going to Options, at the bottom, check for updates.

    Does anyone know if this fixes the “User not available for request” error when replying/commenting on someone that posted through facebook for iphone or other application?

  • http://faikshare.blogspot.com FaiK FauZi

    I Cant Access http://www.blackberry.com/facebook from my Blackberry. Why????? What A Solution???

  • Eric

    I have business requirement to push FB 1.7 version to 700+ Blackberry devices. Anyone know a BES package I can download to create the software configuration?