Energizer Energi Stick Gets You An Extra 30 Minutes Of Talk Time On Your BlackBerry

Chances are that, if you’ve been a BlackBerry user long enough, there has been a time when you just needed a few more minutes of talk time or few hours standby time just to get you to the point where you could recharge your battery.  Unfortunately, you got that dreadful “Battery drained. Shutting down handheld” warning message and then your BlackBerry proceeded to do exactly what it told you it was going to do.

The Energizer Energi To Go Energy Stick for BlackBerry aims to make that warning message and the action that follows it a thing of the past.

At CES 2010 last week  Energizer demonstrated the Energi Stick for BlackBerry, a new addition to their Energi to Go line of products.  The Energi Stick comes in both mini and micro USB formats and will give your BlackBerry an additional 30 minutes of talk time and up to 40 hours of standby time.  All you have to do is charge it up in a standard wall outlet or via usb, stick it in your glove box, laptop bag, purse, or wherever, and pull it out when you need it.

[Via BerryReview, Engadget]


  1. Sparky says

    Why not carry a spare battery in your pocket? I have two battery chargers and two extra batteries. The chargers use the same charging cord and holds one battery at a time. When it’s done, it’s LED turns green. Battery low? Swap it out at 10-20% and you’re good.

    I had to do this since I work in a low level floor of a building and have no chance of signal. I turn the wireless off, but the battery still drains. On my way home at night, I’d never stand a chance of keeping a charge, so I just swap on my to the car.

  2. DCJason says

    Sparky.. good idea if you don’t mind waiting for your device to restart after replacing the battery. This is great for an extra pick me up before it’s too late.

  3. Sparky says

    @DC…all in planning. I know when I’m about 30 percent, it drops quick (kinda like after a half tank of gas, the gauge seems to go down quicker than it did when it was going from full to half)

    So, when you reach that point and have a free moment where phone won’t be used for two minutes, swap the battery. At the same time, this provides the benefit of a battery pull clearing out crap and clean start.

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