Dropbox for BlackBerry “Coming Soon”

Dropbox, a really cool cloud based file hosting and sharing application will soon be available on the BlackBerry.  If you aren’t familiar with Dropbox, they have a video that explains on over on the Dropbox website, however, to make a short story a little longer, Dropbox is essentially a virtual folder that automatically syncs files dropped into it across multiple computers.

We don’t have a specific release date for when Dropbox for BlackBerry will become available but you can currently set up Dropbox on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computers, as well as the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.


    • bluehorseshoe says

      I’ve used online storage solutions in a cloud environment for some work related documents, etc. The one I use the most, iBackup, has been great as an online drive, but of course you need to log in, wait for files to pull up, etc. Drop box is fast, love the way it’s set up on the Mac, and the amount of free storage is almost enough for what I’m using it for. Access to my BB would make it my sole solution…and it works great on my Incredible. That’s one thing that my current solution doesn’t provide. Dropbox has some serious potential in my opinion.

      On a non-related topic, does anyone have the Incredible? If so, what are you getting regarding battery life. I almost feel like I’m going through the Palm Pre scenario again regarding battery life. I got the extended battery via Siedio and it still doesn’t cut it (I’m a heavy user and 4 hours is the max I’m getting, 6 hours if I lay off it for a bit). The phone is phenomenal, but I’m constantly looking at the battery drain. Happily, that’s the only issue I have with the phone (there is a reception “bar” issue where it seems it’s stuck on one bar, maybe two if I’m lucky, but even with zero bars there’s always a connect and fast data…I even pulled down a 1.213 MB download and 784 kb on the upload via speedtest with one bar).

  1. maizein says

    Everything for BB is “Coming soon”… always “Coming soon”… like Skype for BB. It was supposed to “come soon” back in May 2009! LOL

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