Cool Stuff I Installed On My BlackBerry This Week (3-20-09)

In our second edition of Cool Stuff I Installed On My BlackBerry This Week for the week ending 3-20-09, we’ll take a look at a couple of BlackBerry Themes, two new internet radio clients, a weather application updated for the BlackBerry Storm, and a local search utility for the BlackBerry.

Gears of War BlackBerry ThemeGears of War Theme

I am a big time Gears of War fan so I admit that my opinion my be a bit biased, however, I believe that the Gears of War theme for the BlackBerry Storm is one of the best looking free BlackBerry Storm themes that I’ve seen.  Gears of War comes in two flavors, Standard and Today, and both flavors can be download directly to your device using the links below.

Gears of War — Standard
Gears of War — Today

Gears or War is a free BlackBerry Theme, however, it’s create does accept donations…

Ascarii 2.0

Ascarii 2.0 will set you back $6.99 but it is one of the best looking BlackBerry Themes that I’ve seen.


  1. Jenk says

    Dude, that Gears of War Theme is sweet. I just installed it. What was the weather application that you mentioned? I think you forgot to add the download link to it.

  2. Tim says

    How did you load weathereye as of the ways available are working for me? I tried downloading it to the PC, using SMS, you cannot use a non-canadian phone number……please share how you load your copy. Thanks

  3. says

    Didn’t like weather eye too much. More comfortable with just the weather channel app. but the the gears was pretty cool though!

  4. DG says

    if i do not have a data plan for my curve can i download games through my laptop? tried with the blackberry manager but could not get it to accept the file.

  5. trish says

    Hello thanks for all the great info on BlackBerry!I was wondering if someone would know if the OS 4.7.103 upgrade for the storm can be done ota?I’m running .75 and hate it!thought of going to the iphone!

  6. mama says

    Someone mentioned that MaraTick was available for the BB Storm 9530, but I tried it & it didn’t work well at all for me…it worked wonders on my Curve. By far that app. is my favorite & would be wonderful if it worked on the Storm especially since there aren’t many free list making apps. out yet for the storm…I found 4 free grocery list apps. & didn’t like any of them…does anyone know of a good free grocery list app. that works on the Storm? Has anyone tried maratick and had luck with it on their storm? Thanks in advance!!

  7. nyr2k2 says


    Unfortunately, none of the leaked OS upgrades can be done OTA. I will say, though, that upgrading the Storm through Desktop Manager is actually pretty damn easy. I was scared at first, but it was extremely simple.

  8. andrew says

    hey any way to get the gears of war theme modified to bold or maybe just tell me how to do it my self i reallly like iit and cant figure out how to get it to work


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