Can Palm’s New OS “Nova” Save The Company?

Remember Palm?  They used to be the top dog in the mobile PDA business just a few years ago but it seems like lately the company is struggling just to stay afloat.

Next month at CES in Las Vegas, Palm will debut it’s new OS along with the device that will run it.

Palm is expecting Nova to capture 2% of the market now dominated by the BlackBerry followed by the iPhone. Will this be enough to save the company?

What do you think?



  1. Froto says

    Why are you talking about Palm on a BlackBerry site? If I wanted to read about palm, I would go to a blog about Palm.

  2. Norman R. says

    Froto… Your an idiot…

    Can Nova save Palm? Save is such a strong word. It will help, however, I think that that Palm needs to do something like come out with a line of devices that run Android or something.

  3. says

    Palm is done for. Its handsets aren’t innovated enough for them to continue to stay afloat and its Operating System is a joke. What ever happened to the Linux-based Palms we heard about years ago? Palm keeps on promising change and then throws crap at us like the Centro.

    Epic fail in the PALM of your hands.

  4. Joseph says

    If the New OS is backwards compatible with existing software, I think PALM has a shot. The one thing PALM does have going for it, BTW I disagree with Richard, the back bone of PALM OS is much better than the backbone of RIM’S phones. RIM is great for corporate use but when it comes to consumer phones, the features that made it perfect for corporation, IE security became a hassle, and increase cost of innovation for software developers.

    Palm doesn’t have that problem and they have 15+ years of 3rd party software development to add to the phone.

    With some new phones and a NEW OS, I think they can win back a market share.

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