HomePage Gets A Makeover… Sort Of

Head on over to the website and you will see that it has received a bit of a makeover. So far, it is just the homepage, however, if I remember correctly, RIM changed the homepage first before tweaking the internal pages last time they overhauled the site.

  • Robb Dunewood

    After looking at the BlackBerry homepage a second time, I have to say that I like it a lot better than the last one.

    I never understood why the BlackBerry wasn’t the most prominent feature on the old site. Granted, their was a picture of a lady talking on a BlackBerry, but the splash screan was dominated by a city on the coast.

  • BBAdmin

    Oh great, another make over. The last time they changed the site they changed the URL’s of loads of the support documents and didn’t rediret anything, so clicking on links in forums took you to a dead ends.

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  • Robb Dunewood


    Let’s hope RIM has learned from it’s mistakes.

  • Thought

    Much better homepage. However, is it just me or does it look like RIM has kind of borrowed from the Apple home page? Like Apple, the homepage is primarily an image of some of their products. Like Apple, they even put kind of cool and trendy imagery into the screen images of their products.

    Now the change in the homepage is still a good thing; however, I do detect a hint of Apple influence.