BlackBerry Traffic Now Out Of Beta And Available To All On App World

BlackBerry Traffic is finally out of beta and is now officially available to all in BlackBerry App World.  For those of you unfamiliar with BlackBerry Traffic, it is a location aware application that allows you to plug in your destination and get your estimated time of arrival, plot out faster alternate routes, and even email your ETA to your friends.  BlackBerry Travel is a free BlackBerry download and you can pick it up in BlackBerry App World.


  1. swalker says

    gquaglia…this is the part that drives me nuts about most people that slam blackberry. Most blackberry users IMO don’t really care about something that looks high tech. We just want something useful, that is easy to use, and gets us the info we are looking for quickly.

    Why does an app that tells me when I will arrive somewhere need to be flashy and heavily laden with graphics?

    I don’t want my PHONE to do everything – I want it to do a few things well. Blackberry is the only one that does that. Recalls the old saying…Jack of all trades, Master of none!

  2. Yavas Williams says

    Well, I do like Blackberry traffic, its good to see its out of beta. And, yea I agree it doesn’t have to be high tech looking, it probably wouldn’t run right if it did anyway! But that is not really necessary.

  3. gquaglia says

    I love when fanbois try to defend their aging platform by saying they don’t “need it”. I was like that too when I used BB, then I saw the light.

  4. Yavas Williams says

    ^I get what you’re saying^ yea a lot of features in a smartphone aren’t necessary but its nice to have it. I’m not ‘defending’ BB, I’m not a follower like that, I’m just saying high end graphics aren’t necessary but yea if it was there and it didn’t slow down the phone that would be fine. In comparison, its like a camera isn’t necessary on a phone. Its nice to have it, but if someone has a phone that they like and it doesn’t have a camera, I don’t think they’re ‘defending’ the phone by liking it.

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