BlackBerry Storm Lines Are Long But Supply Is Short

The BlackBerry Storm went on sale this morning and a lot of people are standing in line to get one.  The only problem is that there may be a lot more people in line than there are BlackBerry Storms to sell to them.

We are hearing rumors from just about everywhere that Verizon stores have recieved far fewer devices than they asked for.  If you aren’t already in line, you should probably call the store to see if they’ve sold out before you show up.


  1. says

    Employee’s are telling me they only have 10 at the flagship store for my county… so get there EARLY and don’t be surprised if they run out…

    Is Verizon trying to generate fake hype by shorting supply?

  2. says


    Yeah considering they are shorting even their flagship stores, I’d say online is your best bet if you want one immediately…


    Yeah, I hope someone in marketing got fired for that…

  3. Kells says

    Can you imagine if someone got the private sale flyer, went to the store, was told that they couldn’t buy the Storm until today, go back to the store today, and they were told that the device was sold out?

    I would be really ticked off.

  4. John says

    Verizon really blew it with their customers. Not only was the whole “Private Sale” a hoax and waste of time, they also said they would open the doors an hour early this morning. Everyone was lined up, but they did not open early.

    Verizon has wasted a whole lot of valuable time of their customers. Unbelievable!

    P.S. I really am enjoying my new iPhone I just bought today! At least AT&T had their doors open on time.

  5. Dave says

    Don’t forget the entire order processing infrastructure is down. It looks like the “Verizon” in Verizon Wireless is showing. Douche Bags!

  6. bluehorseshoe says

    I found this out yesterday when the flagship store only received 10 where I reside…not to mention they had already sold them based on a ‘list’ that they were taking for the past two months. Either way, I was able to order mine this AM at 7:40am CDT. Shipments are going out on Monday, receiving on Wednesday. I’ve waited this long…what’s another few days.

    And while I had the chance to play with the device last night, it didn’t ‘wow’ me enough to hunt one down. Needs some refining via software updates, but I think it’ll be a decent device. My emails may just be a little shorter than usual…just kidding.

    PS – As for fault, this one goes to RIM. Last minute security patch that had to be installed. VZW stores were all set to receive 100 devices each, but now are scrambling to get the updated devices out the door and distributed as they patch the systems. Oddly enough, the store test models didn’t have the browser installed when received. They had to install it later at the store after playing with some testing. Looks like the Storm is getting distributed but could have used some more time for refining.

    Can you say holidays? Black Friday?…there you go.

  7. Bishop says

    Verizon is smart and they gonna make a killin on this phone. I’m waiting on the next shipment, but my friend has his but its not Activated yet. the verizon store on rt22 told their customers to go home and they will be turned on later.

  8. says

    I’ve been waiting for a while for this phone, or rather a touch screen phone from blackberry done right, but based on the reviews I’m pretty surprised anyones buying it.

    Are there really lines?

    Has anyone seen a good review of the device? My main concern was the keyboard, and so far no one has said that it makes the experience anything but worse….

  9. bluehorseshoe says

    I’m reading stories about how VZW is only selling them to ‘new’ customers. Existing customers must order them online or until they have a large quantity in stock.

    Wow. Talk about boosting numbers for new subscriber reports…they are taking a chance of pissing off their existing customers. If I had a hair up my ass, I’d be over at a competitors store right now. I’m sure a few feel that way right now…

  10. Jeff says

    Went to a Verizon store yesterday to check out the deal… Very helpful sales guy told me the store wsa going to only receive 50 devices and If I wasnt on line by 5am dont bother… he also said that at 12:01 go on the website and order and I would have by Monday AM… I am glad I listened to him… I woke up at around 4:30 am, went to the website, ordered… and got confirmation that mine will arrive by 12 in the afternoon monday… for the heck of it I drove by the store and observed about 200 cold people standing in line prior to the store opening… I felt sorry for the last 150 people in line! Ive been waiting 6 months for this phone… I wanted it ASAP… but can wait till Monday AM!!

  11. Jeff says

    Got on line at 5am, had one in my hands at 7:30am. Lovin it at 4:31pm. I really hope all those who got shut out get one soon.

  12. sean76 says

    What a croc of pooh! Vzw really dug themselves into a hole. I walked by a corporate store in the mall at about 1pm today, and there we’re about 20 or so people on line. I guess just waiting to pre-order! About 6 stores down u had an absolute packed at&t store! My friend who’s a Manager said just about everyone who has been walking in was asking to try the Bold out, because the Storm was not available today! Lol…even on a day like this at&t makes out on Vzw’s mistakes.

  13. renee says

    Went to Verizon @ 7am told out of stok & that they only received 30 units! Uggggh was able to order by phone and will receive Monday. Tried it out in the store and it was great :)

  14. AZdude says

    I just walked in to the store with NO lines and purchased one.. Why does everyone hurry to purchased one so quickly….

    Nice phone


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