BlackBerry Storm 2 Browser On Wi-Fi… I’m Not Impressed

In this video of what I believe to be a Rogers BlackBerry Storm 9520, Scott4551 demonstrates web browsing via Wi-Fi.  All I’ve got to say is that I certainly hope this improves by the time the BlackBerry Storm 2 ships.

Download speeds are faster, but, other than that, things look pretty much the same as they do on the original BlackBerry Storm.


  1. AJS says

    Yep… it still sucks. Clunky, slow and NOT smooth.
    And how about regular HTML pages? I didn’t see any of those pulled up on the Strom2. I wonder why.
    Also, is that really a WiFi connection? Looks to be the same response times as a 3G connection.
    No upgrade for me thank you.

  2. LarryMcJ says

    Why are associating the Storm 2 with the BB model number of 9520? 9520 is the Storm 1 and the Storm 2 is 9550.

  3. says

    RIM why no standard HTML browser yet? Sad to see that the Storm2 or any other BB is still horribly out of date, when will the OS software and UI be upgraded? Perhaps the BB servers can’t handle standard HTML??????

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