BlackBerry News 1.0 For BlackBerry PlayBook Now Availalbe

BlackBerry News 1.0 for BlackBerry PlayBook has been released and is now available for download in BlackBerry App World.

With BlackBerry News, you can add any RSS feed from your favorite news sites, favorite blogs, or other popular sites with syndicated content, so all the news you’ve subscribed to comes to you in one place. This application is an extension of the BlackBerry News Feeds application currently available for BlackBerry smartphones.

BlackBerry News 1.0 for BlackBerry PlayBook has a lot of features that you can read about over on Inside BlackBerry.  The one feature, or, lack there of, that will keep me from even installing BlackBerry News on my PlayBook is Google Reader support.  Google Reader synchronization is a standard that any feed reader worth the time it took to develop must support.  RIM doesn’t get a pass on Google Reader sync, not even in a 1.0 release, because it is something that they’ve had before back when BlackBerry News was called Viigo…

  • Martin

    Can you import an OPML file from Google Reader?
    You should try and just judge it as a RSS Reader.  I would be interested in your feedback

  • Tabletaholic

    just waiting for the price to drop a bit to pick one up and get this app up and running, loving it for my bb now.