BlackBerry Media Sync For Mac (Preview)

Believe it or not, RIM has released BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac (Preview).  You can now sync your non-DRM protected iTunes media directly to your BlackBerry from your Mac.

As great as this is and all, I am sure Mac users would have much rather have had RIM release a BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac (Preview).

You can download BlackBerry Media Sync (Preview) here

  • The Rock

    What happened to the universal browser based Desktop Manager that was being talked about a few years ago? WOW for Mac users the lack of a desktop manager is a no-sale especially now that BB software/firmware upgrades are more or less required to keep the devices maintained. Whats the story RIM? the lack of native mac support has been a problem for years and sure helped and gave reason for Apple to come up with the iPhone.

  • dan

    It also doesn’t help that this apparently disables syncing any calendar/address info with your Mac once installed

  • Andrew

    Absolutely pointless! Install it and you disable your PocketMac and/or Missing Sync. I am surprised that there is still no Desktop Manager for Mac. Come on RIM! This is getting ridiculous.

  • Richard Ward

    They (Storm) can’t compete with iPhone until we have a full-featured native desktop client from the horse’s ass (RIM).

    Right now RIM is giving Mac users a RIM Job and it sucks.

  • dperry

    PocketMac is really bad. Missing Sync works really well. Maybe RIM should buy The Missing Sync. It syncs way more than just music – ha! I can’t believe RIM thinks its okay to turn off Missing Sync! Sheesh. :P

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  • danka

    PocketMac is indeed the worst, harmful in fact. The BB Media Sync is too buggy. The Missing Sync is a partial solution, but not worthy of what would be my 4th upgrade at a cost. My solution? Got a refurb iTouch to keep everything in sync and never have to pay MarkSpace another penny for additional upgrade fees down the short road. Mah 2¢.