BlackBerry Media Sync For Mac (Preview)

Believe it or not, RIM has released BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac (Preview).  You can now sync your non-DRM protected iTunes media directly to your BlackBerry from your Mac.

As great as this is and all, I am sure Mac users would have much rather have had RIM release a BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac (Preview).

You can download BlackBerry Media Sync (Preview) here


  1. says

    What happened to the universal browser based Desktop Manager that was being talked about a few years ago? WOW for Mac users the lack of a desktop manager is a no-sale especially now that BB software/firmware upgrades are more or less required to keep the devices maintained. Whats the story RIM? the lack of native mac support has been a problem for years and sure helped and gave reason for Apple to come up with the iPhone.

  2. Andrew says

    Absolutely pointless! Install it and you disable your PocketMac and/or Missing Sync. I am surprised that there is still no Desktop Manager for Mac. Come on RIM! This is getting ridiculous.

  3. says

    They (Storm) can’t compete with iPhone until we have a full-featured native desktop client from the horse’s ass (RIM).

    Right now RIM is giving Mac users a RIM Job and it sucks.

  4. dperry says

    PocketMac is really bad. Missing Sync works really well. Maybe RIM should buy The Missing Sync. It syncs way more than just music – ha! I can’t believe RIM thinks its okay to turn off Missing Sync! Sheesh. 😛

  5. danka says

    PocketMac is indeed the worst, harmful in fact. The BB Media Sync is too buggy. The Missing Sync is a partial solution, but not worthy of what would be my 4th upgrade at a cost. My solution? Got a refurb iTouch to keep everything in sync and never have to pay MarkSpace another penny for additional upgrade fees down the short road. Mah 2¢.


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