1. Nikolaus says

    I find the new interface a lot slower. Looks nice, but also didn’t notice any improvement other than looks. Anyone else?

  2. Jason says

    well, i downloaded it last night and it worked great up until, i began using the media manager. it sat there for like 3 minutes, before telling me it couldn’t my phone wasn’t hooked up. i reconnected and tried again, then tried a different usb port, but to no avail. i used task manager to shut it down and all of a sudden, it detected my phone, but of course, it shut down. so, i tried again, and same thing happened again. i’m gonna work on it again tonight. anybody else had this problem?

    nikoluas, i agree with ya. i may retrovert back to the 4.2 software until 4.3 comes out for my curve.

    pee south


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