BlackBerry 10 Will Launch With More Apps Than Any Other 1st Generation Smartphone OS

Arguably the biggest complaint of BlackBerry users when comparing their devices to the iPhone and Android devices is that there just aren’t that many apps out for the BlackBerry in comparison.

RIM is aware of this complaint and is why Alec Saunders, RIM’s vice president of developer relations and ecosystem development, told CNET that the company will launch BlackBerry 10 with more apps than any other first-generation mobile operating system.

Research in Motion has been doing everything it can to entice developers to develop for the BlackBerry 10 operating system which should have significantly more apps than 7000 apps found in the Windows Marketplace when it launched, which, by the way, made the number of apps available for the iPhone and Andrdoid at launch look like a rounding error.

The big question for RIM is if the apps that it has at launch will the big name cross platform darlings that you can easily get on iOS, Android, and, to a lesser extent, Windows Phone.

I am sure there will a Facebook App and a Twitter App, but, will there be a Flipboard app or a Netflix client? How about Instagram or Voxer?

Having more apps for BlackBerry 10 than any other smartphone OS sounds really cool, but, the real question for RIM is will those apps be the right apps?  Having the “right” 100 apps at launch, in my opinion, is much more important than having more apps than any other OS did years ago when they launched.

[via CNET]


  1. Sandra Hunter says

    I was a BlackBerry user for personal use, went to the iPhone 4 when it came out, and now just got a new Bold 9900 for a new job I just started in addition to my iPhone.

    I’ll be honest and tell you that I only use about 10 to 12 apps on a regular basis on my iPhone and actually use my BlackBerry way more because I talk on it all day and use it for work email. I’d be happy to give up my iPhone if I could get most of the apps I use on the BlackBerry, but, sadly, I cannot.

    I would love to just carry a BlackBerry 10 phone if it just has the apps that I have on my iPhone. I hear that the BlackBerry 10 phones can run Android Apps so I hope they put iPhone apps in it too… Even if it is only the popular ones…

    • Norman R. says

      Only iOS devices can run iPhone apps, and, this will probably always be the case. BlackBerry 10 will be able to run some apps coded for Android, but, only if the app developer repackages the app and makes it available in BlackBerry App World.

  2. Norman R. says

    Back in the day Google heavily invested in creating apps for the BlackBerry. I wonder if this will again be the case for BlackBerry 10 devices? RIM is going to have to get into bed with some company that can provide services and it seems like Google or maybe Amazon would be a fit.

    • says

      Google Maps, Google Sync, Google Search, and Google Talk were some of the most used apps on my BlackBerry going back a couple of years. I even used the Gmail client just to keep my personal email and work email separate…

    • P.Dub says

      This would be a good thing for Rim but what Google get out of it? This would directly compete with Android.

      I guess you could make a case for Amazon because they don’t have a phone, but, I see not benefit to Google.

      • says

        Unlike Microsoft with Windows Phone, Google doesn’t make money directly from Android device sales because Android is open source and free for hardware manufacturers.

        The goal of Android for Google is to get as many consumers using Google services as possible monetizing those consumers primarily through advertising and commissions on goods and services purchased through the Google ecosystem.

        Google could accomplish these goals on other smartphone platforms, as, was the case on the BlackBerry and even the iPhone until iOS 6.

        RIM really has no ecosystem that is trusted to the extent of Apple, Amazon, Google, or, Microsoft, so partnering with one of these entities on some level makes sense. We know that it isn’t going to be Apple and probably not Microsoft, so, it isn’t a stretch to see something happen with Google or Amazon…

  3. says

    To be honest there are only about 5-7 apps needed to be productive with your phone.
    The rest are luxury apps there not even used as much. They need to have something like Windows to where when you go to see the list of apps when you decide to uninstall , it will show the most used and rarely used apps. So while people dog BlackBerry for lack of apps think about how many apps you use daily. With that said , in order to appeal to the public BlackBerry10 must have the hottest apps users have qualified as must have’s.

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