Privacy Concerns Have Some Mobile Workers Asking for Their BlackBerrys Back

i want my blackberry back

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Ask any corporate mobile phone administrator that has to manage a bunch of different iPhone and Android devices purchased by employees and they will almost certainly tell you the BYOD policies are for the birds.

Different OEMs, different operating systems, having to push apps through Apple, and securing these devices pose numerous challenges for IT.  Android, iOS, and, Windows Phone are really designed to allow end users to have complete control, and, it often takes third party Mobile Device Management software along with their unique challenges and issues to enforce corporate policy on these devices.

The allure of increased productivity subsidized by employees buying their own devices often means that phone administrators simply have to “figure it out”.  The question, however, as employees become more savvy with their smartphones, are they starting to figure out that bringing your own phone to work is not necessarily as good a deal for them as they initially thought.

Chances are that when you connect your personal phone to your company’s network a security policy is pushed down to your phone.  These security policies can prevent you from installing apps, lock out functionality such as SMS on the phone, logging,all communications regardless of if it is business oriented or private, and and even tracking your whereabouts via GPS.

Corporate IT policies on employee’s personal smartphones are designed with the privacy of the company, not the end use in mind, and, these privacy concerns, or lack there of, have a lot of mobile workers asking for their BlackBerry devices back.

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Check Out MockIt App for BlackBerry 10


Social Media continues to move forward daily. Mobile applications for Social Media such as BBM, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter just to name a few are leading the way in how we communicate and socialize with each other.

I am a big advocate of Social Media as I use it for business, work and entertainment. One of the coolest things about the entertainment part of Social Media is the ability to create a Meme from a photo and add a hilarious or conscious caption about the photo and share that with the world.

Other platforms have already developed mobile applications to help make this process much easier but nothing was truly there for the BlackBerry 10 OS until today. With the release of OS 10.2 and the support for Android Runtime there was access to those apps but nothing available natively built for BB10.

MockIt App from  was released from the Beta Zone and now is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices in BlackBerry World. MockIt is a native built mobile application built to assist users in generating meme’s to share with the world.  MockIt has a nice build quality and the user interface is easy to navigate. Upon downloading it and installing the application, I created a Meme in like 30 seconds and shared it via Social Media.  [Read more…]

SMRPodcast #204: My Girlfriend Cortana



SMRpodcast Episode #204 is online and ready for download.  This week we are back to a full crew as Robb returns from vacation.

There wasn’t a lot of tech news over the last week, however, Cortana, Microsoft’s new Siri-like personal smartphone assistant was unveiled and Rod was completely mesmerized by it’s features.  Cortana comes out next week and Rod is waiting with the anticipation of a school aged child with just a few days until summer vacation.
Amazon has launched Fire TV, a media streaming box to join the ranks of Roku, Wii, XBOX, Apple TV, Chromecast, TiVo, Slingbox, Belkin TV, smart TVs, and a bunch of other streaming sticks and boxes. Needless to say, Amazon has entered a crowded space with the Fire TV, so it will be interesting to see how the company fairs with its $99 device.
Windows 8.1 Update 1 was released, Gogo increases in-flight WiFi to 70 Mbs, and we stray off into a tangent about window seats and sleeping on planes.  We’ve got all this, our picks, and more in episode #204 of the SMRpodcast

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SMR Podcast #203:Digging Holes


Episode #203 of the SMRPodcast has been recorded. posted an is ready for your consumption. This weeks finds us limping a little as our third leg Robb is on vacation however, Rod and Chris still give you a good show.

We start the show recapping our hole digging adventures which found Chris and Rod using a pretty big power tool but not very well. As soon as we get into tech we discuss the new Office for the iPad then immediately go into the revelation of the dealings between RSA and the NSA.

After getting into some conversation about the battle between Aereo and CBS, we also have some fun talking about the worse movie Chris has seen in a long time. We have all this and more on this weeks episode of the SMRPodcast.


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AT&T Offers BlackBerry Customers Attractive Deal


AT&T has stepped up to the plate and put together a very nice offer for qualified BlackBerry customers. Today I received word that AT&T is offering BlackBerry customers the opportunity to get a new BlackBerry Device for $0 down and the option to get a $100 bill credit for each new qualified device.

Check out the details below and take full advantage of this deal specifically for BlackBerry customers.

AT&T loves Blackberry customers and we welcome them to switch to the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE network, with Mobile Share Value plans that offer amazing value for individuals, families and small businesses. Qualified BlackBerry customers can get a new BlackBerry device from AT&T for $0 down and no annual service contract with AT&T Next, bring their own device, or get a device on a traditional contract. In all of these scenarios, customers may be able to take advantage of the $100 bill credit for each new qualified line of postpaid wireless service added until April 30. Needless to say, it’s never been a better time to switch to AT&T. In addition, we have other very attractive plans for business and government customers using BlackBerry devices.

BlackBerry Forms Special Committee to “Explore Strategic Alternatives”

BlackBerry put out a press release this morning announcing that it’s Board of Director’s has formed a special committee to explore strategic alternatives to enhance value and increase scale in order to accelerate BlackBerry 10 deployment.

To make a long story short, those rumors last week that BlackBerry is open to going private had teeth.  After initially being halted from trading, BlackBerry stock (BBRY) has seen a bit of bump up when trading was resumed at 8:30 a.m. EST this morning.

Check out the press release…

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BlackBerry Challenging Other For Last Place U.S. Smartphone Market Share

When it comes to U.S. smartphone market share the “Other” category is one place you don’t want to be.

The “Other” category is the place where companies like Kantar Worldpanel group smartphone manufacturers with market share so low that even when lumped together their sum is little more than a rounding error compared to the companies which are listed by name.

Unfortunately for BlackBerry (formerly Research in Motion) U.S. smartphone sales tumbled to 1.1 percent for the three month period ending in June.  This is down from 4 percent for the same period last year.

At this rate of decline BlackBerry will fall behind Other which sits at 0.9 percent U.S. within the next three month period.

I am not sure which is worse…  BlackBerry market share appearing below Other in a list or BlackBerry getting lumped into the Other category.

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BlackBerry Fires U.S. VP of Sales and More Layoffs Coming

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that, after laying off 5000 employees last fiscal year, BlackBerry is about to cut a large share of jobs — mostly middle management.  

Richard Piasentin, former BlackBerry VP of Sales in the U.S. was fired last month (June), but, it isn’t totally clear if his departure was part of this round of layoffs or because BlackBerry sales in U.S. are pretty abysmal.