Are We Experiencing Another BlackBerry Outage?

I have recieved quite a few emails over the passed 30 minutes or so from BlackBerry users that say they are experiencing some type of outage.

I just checked my device, and I haven’t received any email via BIS since 10:05. BES messages seem to be coming through…


  1. bluehorseshoe says

    It’s happening, but I’m up and running now. Another reason why I tether. If it’s down, I’ll just boot up if needed.

  2. says

    For those of you BlackBerry folks that are getting frustrated, tell your boss about LiquidTalk ( The company makes the BlackBerry act more like an iPhone. How? They have a solution that automatically “synchs” (preloads) enterprise audio/video content into one’s BlackBerry. Once loaded, you do not need an Internet or wireless connection. Okay, so I am biased — I founded the company (now VC backed & working w/ RIM) a couple years ago after getting stuck in traffic and not being able to use my BlackBerry while driving. So that is my disclaimer. But seriously, these blackouts are making folks realize there are things other than email that can get done with BlackBerry. Hope this is helpful. –Dave Peak, CEO


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