Another Month, Another BlackBerry Outage

Numerous reports have come in stating that there was some type of BIS outage yesterday. BlackBerry Enterprise Server users were not affected. It looks like service started being affected around 6:30 p.m. EST yesterday but was back up at 2:30 a.m. this morning.

If memory serves me correctly, there has been at least one BlackBerry outage each month going back to September.

RIM really has to do better. I know that sometimes the carriers are at fault, but, does it really matter. At the end of the day, when you BlackBerry isn’t getting email, RIM is the company you blame.


  1. gquaglia says

    Seems to me that RIM is having growing pains. It had better get its act together if it hopes to be anything other then a niche market.

  2. tekneek says

    how often does this happen? i am wanting to dwell in the BB World with a 8320….should these outages be of some concern?

  3. bluehorseshoe says

    It was down, and only for a few hours. I pulled the battery a couple of times thinking it was perhaps my phone, but everything else was working fine. I really don’t have too much of an issues with these downtimes as long as they aren’t too long and after work hours, like yesterday.

  4. hellno says


    Typical vealot, making excuses for service providers which don’t quite get the job done, or make things anti-consumer aka verizon crippling. STOP. There is no excuse for RIM and these outages, especially when a certain CEO said flat out it wouldn’t happen again. Don’t usually notice all the outages as much as others, not saying I don’t have outages from time to time, just don’t seem to notice them each time they are reported to happen.

    Also bluehorseshoe head out of ass for just a second, do you have a clue (we know you don’t from your previous comments) but many others might have the need for Blackberry service during the last reported outage (between 6:30 p.m. EST and 2:30 a.m.) RIM doesn’t provide service just for you and your needs. Many of us require and count on RIM to provide Blackberry service 24/7. (Which is not too much to ask, since we are talking about RIM here)

    RIM needs to do much better for it’s customers. Even for those mixed up consumers who make backward choices and switch to a dying, proprietary, closed technology instead of continuing with open, global, non-proprietary, GSM. You know, the vealots, who make excuses for verizon crippling bluetooth and autonomous GPS and other functions and features from it’s customers handsets, then also believe verizon’s lies when they claim they didn’t play with the firmware and place blame on the manufacture. Those poor sheep.

    McWireless clouds vealot judgement, but there is NO excusing RIM for these outages.

  5. bluehorseshoe says

    @ waterboy

    He was institutionalized, but somehow got access to a computer.

    @ hellno

    I’d be offending the mentally challanged by stating that you are mentally challanged. But going back to what you wrote, it’s quite difficult to follow the bouncing ball that you look at in your own stratasphere.

    If you don’t like the service they provide, then don’t use it. Go back to your cups and string solution. I’m surprised you even have the need for a cell phone. You can dial 911 from any line with no charge.

    Now go take your medication and slip the jacket back on before they notice.

  6. comeon says

    ide be curious to know how many of these outages were in fact rims fault and not the carriers..
    i read a while back about one of rims outages where people were complaining that they couldnt get a data connection. seriously how should that be associated to rim?

    and the part “i know sometimes the carriers are at fault but does it reall matter?” of course it matters. should i blame rimmarkable every time my dsl internet connection doesnt work? because i access this website using my home dsl…

  7. says

    Just to get back on topic a bit, why hasn’t big media blasted Research in Motion for all of these outages yet? Can you imagine if wireless carrier averaged over an outage of significance per month?

  8. hellno says


    Some of the reason why RIM’s outages aren’t being blasted is because people like bluehorseshoe make excuses and are trained to have very low expectations for companies paid to provide services, verizon has trained it’s sheep to not speak up for what’s right, and to make excuses for all the anti-consumer actions verizon does do. Also as bluehorseshoe has again proven it’s all about him, who cares if there is a Blackberry outage “as long as they aren’t too long and after work hours” only bluehorseshoe doesn’t understand RIM is supposed to provide service 24/7, and many people rely on RIM to provide service 24/7, not just the few short hours bluehorseshoe expects of them. But he’s a real special case as most RIMarkable’s and other bloggers know.

    Perhaps big media didn’t pickup on this outage since it wasn’t nationwide? Perhaps since the outage hasn’t yet been proven to be all providers? Perhaps since it’s claimed BES users “were not impacted”?

    Perhaps the outage was mostly centered around verizon customers like bluehorseshoe who “pulled the battery a couple of times thinking it was perhaps my phone” but then desperately tried to turn his frown upside down making himself believe “but everything else was working fine.” Just like the daily false, self justification that downgrading from standard, open, non-proprietary, global GSM to closed, proprietary, declining cdma was a good move. A move which is almost as bad as bluehorseshoe coming on RIMarkable and thinking he can mix vealot hopes and dreams into reality. Luckly as always those in the know will point out vealot hopes and dreams from reality, especially when they are from such a special person like bluehorseshoe. It’s good to be missed, thanks Waterboy.

    Reality and truth matter, making excuses for RIM’s problems helps no one.

  9. bluehorseshoe says

    @ hellno

    LOLOLOL. You are tooooooo funny! Really. I’m amused by you. Sad part is I don’t think anyone gave you enough love when you were a child, hence the way you act and word your posts (vealot? are you kidding me?). Or, you were dropped as a child and nobody bothered to tell you. Either way, it’s sad.

    And what’s with the gothic chess thing? You are out in left field…way out there. I believe waterboy was appropriately using ‘sarcasm’ when addressing you, but how would you understand. BTW, do you even know what bluehorseshoe stands for? And let me put this out there for you as well…I do not work for any of the telco’s. I run my own IT practice in NY and Texas. I really don’t care if it’s GSM, CDMA, or Analog. As long as it works, and works well for my needs. That is all I care about.

    Now, to address your personal situation. First, we should start by getting you fitted with a jacket that actually fits and doesn’t allow your arms to get loose…

  10. hellno says

    ah poor bluehorseshoe,

    Please stay on topic and less on your desperate try to get away from your tolling mess. This is We don’t need your life story, you sure don’t impress anyone here, nor does anyone care what you think about others since you’ve proven your decision making process is completely off base time and time again. I guess you’d expect others to excuse you for your screw up’s like you feel everyone should excuse RIM for their outages. Sadly typical but your BS has been pointed out. The wireless industry is much more than just what works for you, or what you perceive works for you.

    Reality and truth matter, making excuses for RIM’s problems helps no one.

  11. jonabyte says

    The BIS usually craps out for about 20 minutes on a daily basis, I never learned the root cause, but this can definitely lead to longer outages if there are other issues at hand.

  12. Youtwoarebothidiots says

    You two are both idiots. I don’t know that I would trust an IT professional who would choose to use an inferior technology, sorry BlueHorseShoe.

    To you hellno, you need to relax… nobody is dependant on a Blackberry, we would all live without them. I promise.


  1. […] Robb’s reporting on another BlackBerry Internet Service outage, and aptly noting that we’ve had one just about every month for the last while. Everything’s all stabilized now, but users worldwide had been out of service from about 6 – 11 PM last night. I would hazard a guess that the hefty snowfall in our neighbourhood had a little something to do with the blackout, but who knows what’s going on behind RIM’s closed server room doors? Regardless of the reasons, BIS subscribers are quickly losing patience with the repeated service interruptions. Permalink Share This Post Comment Print This Post Posted by Simon Sage in News Tagged in BIS, outage […]

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