Alltell To Get The BlackBerry Pearl 8130 In Time For The Holidays

Alltel Wireless today announced that they plan to carry the CDMA BlackBerry Pearl 8130 and that it will be available in time for the holidays.

The BlackBerry Pearl 8130 will be a great addition to our smartphone line up, allowing our customers to stay connected, productive and entertained while on the go,” said Brian Ullem, director of device strategy for Alltel Wireless. “This new BlackBerry Pearl 8130 blends multimedia functionality with the BlackBerry® email platform to create a smartphone that exceeds expectations.

Alltel pretty much does whatever Verizon and Sprint do when it comes to BlackBerry devices so them offering the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 doesn’t come as surprise.

Read the press release


  1. bluehorseshoe says

    I’ll throw my hat in the circle here…

    Aside from the trackball, everything is great IMHO on the 8130. Been using it for almost two weeks. Not sure how they believe the trackball is an improvement/upgrade though. I find it difficult to navigate more so than before (not as accurate when scrolling…seems to miss and jump from time to time). Perhaps it’s more durable, I don’t know. I blew out the trackball on my old TMO Pearl and had to get another phone. The data (3G EVDO) is solid, keypad is better, camera and video are decent, and overall speed is good. VZW did a decent job on not restricting it too much either. Not sure what I’d do without my Pearl…


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