All In One Remote App for BB10

Yesterday I had the pleasure of downloading and playing with a new App for BlackBerry 10 called All in One Remote. AIO Remote uses your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to remotely control your PC or Mac from your BlackBerry 10 device.

AIO also works with your BlackBerry Playbook proving you with full remote control of your PC or Mac. With AIO Remote you also have options to launch and control Power Point, Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic, VLC, Winamp, Totem and Banshee.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think about All in One Remote for BlackBerry 10.



All In One Remote



  1. bob loblaw says

    Thats not even close to as good as the bb remote… Why cant you type with it??? I fully control my pc, pb, ps3 etc with my bold. I actually typed this response on my bold in remote mode on my pb…

  2. says

    “Current SDK is not supporting virtual keyboard. I have 2 options: either to build my own custom keyboard or wait untll RIM adds keyboard support to SDK.” From the Developer

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