8 Free BlackBerry Apps You May Not Have Heard Of

BlackBerry Cool just put up a post about 8 free BlackBerry apps that you may not have and, not only don’t I have 7 of these apps, I’ve never even heard of 6 of them.

The only thing better than a BlackBerry application is a free BlackBerry application so we’ve decided to list them here on RIMarkable as well.

  1. MaraTick
  2. WebMessenger
  3. QSMS
  4. MaxMem
  5. ShrinkIt
  6. Peek-A-Boo
  7. BBFileScout
  8. KeePassBB

[Via BlackBerry Cool]


  1. Mr. B says

    I was searching for a good blackberry page, with lot of apps. Then I landet on yours and were are the apps??? Bloggin is fun, but shold NEVER be the main part of a webpage? Were is the stuff, youre page is made for? Only text, only some links and a lot of ads? If it’s so, thats sad, very sad.

  2. h says

    Webmesseger doesn’t work on the storm. I am still looking for a free data msn program that works on the storm anyone?

  3. machine906 says

    Love MaraTick. Use it every day for groceries, to-dos, even things I need to talk to the doctor about on my next visit.

  4. all.terEGo says

    BBFileScout is excellent. I just downloaded and was finally able to unzip files that Aerize couldn’t handle. I’ve only tried the unzip feature and file open rename w/BBFileScout. Seems to be working great on my BB 8900 Curve.


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