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Chances are that if you are reading this you did some type of search for Free BlackBerry Downloads or Free BlackBerry Applications.  After more the two and a half years of this being one of our most popular posts, we’ve had to update it a few times.  Below you will find several of our more recent Free BlackBerry Download type posts…  Happy Downloading…

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I was just thinking about the applications that I use most frequently on my BlackBerry and what I realized was that with the exception of the address book, the majority of them are free downloads.

That has prompted me to write this post and share with you what I believe to be 5 must have free BlackBerry downloads:

  1. BlackBerry Messenger — I am not going to tell you that BlackBerry Messenger is the best Free IM client for the BlackBerry, but, I am going to tell you that it is a must have free BlackBerry download because all BlackBerry users can use it.
  2. Google Maps — Google Maps is a nifty little app that allows you to easily search for businesses and get directions to and from, show you the location on a map, and even give you a satellite picture of the area. If you are looking for a Pizza parlor you could search for pizza with your zip code and all the matching results will be returned in an easy to navigate interface. One of the really cool features is that you can call the the business you searched for right from the Google Maps application.
  3. BlackBerry Push Weather — This is a neat little application that I really don’t even think about, however, get useful information from it everyday. BlackBerry Push Weather is exactly what it sounds like… an application that gets weather updates pushed directly onto your device. You can have weather updates sent to you as a message or have a browser channel appear on your homepage. You can download BlackBerry Push Weather directly to your BlackBerry by visiting http://mobile.blackberry.com/mss/category_push from you devices browser.
  4. Spider Solitaire — This is a free Solitaire game that can be found on the free game download area of the mobile.blackberry.com site provided by Magmic, Inc. Personally, this game has been the cause of countless hours of lost productivity
  5. Yahoo! Messenger for BlackBerry and Google Talk for BlackBerry — I know that these are really two applications so just think of one of them as a bonus. Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk are both free instant messaging clients for the BlackBerry. Both BlackBerry clients have the ability to communicate with both desktop versions of these applications and other BlackBerry versions seamlessly. I know that not everyone uses these clients, but if you do, they are definitely must haves.

This wraps up my list of 5 must have free blackberry downloads, however, I am sure that there are others that should be on the list. If you know of a good free BlackBerry download feel free to let us know in the comments.


  1. Ashley says

    Spider Solitaire is my latest addiction. Caught it for free during some promo. I’ve only beat the 2 suits mode once. It is a lot of fun.

  2. Pete says

    Speaking of Yahoo Messenger or Google Talk, does anyone aware of a free IM software for hooking up to the MSN Messenger? TIA

  3. says

    Just to be clear, GMail Mobile does not “push” email to your BlackBerry. You must actively check email. If you want to have your gmail pushed to your BlackBerry you must set up your account via BIS.

  4. Appleseed says

    Yeah, just set-up your gmail account to push through the BIS (as one of the 10 email accounts you can have puched to your BB). You don’t have to download anything.

  5. munda says

    whats the thing that you download to change the colour of the light on the thing you use to move around the blackberry on the pearl?

  6. Adam says

    The Spider Solitaire isn’t free anymore. Used to be on the mobile.blackberry.com page and now you have to buy it. The page changed in the last couple weeks. Just had to reload my OS and now I lost it :(

  7. jay bee says

    This is cool but you forgot spellcheck that’s free and voice fail gives tu a free three day trial. Please feel free to e mail me.

  8. jay bee says

    This is cool but you forgot spellcheck that’s free and voice dial gives tois 3 day trial. Please feel free to e mail me.

  9. Ahmed darahem says

    Good Day
    Can you give me the link where I can download free games to my blackberry 7230? Thanks much!

  10. Florian SEROUSSI says

    My best 5 apps are:

    – Yahoo! Go go.yahoo.com FREE
    – IM+ for Skype $25
    – TwitterBerry FREE
    – Viigo FREE
    – BB Messenger FREE

    I think those are a must with any BB.

  11. Nicole Stewart says

    Hi!! I just bought a Blackberry 8830 and Im just wondering if it is able to light up (pearl) as well. If it is could someone please direct me to that download…if not Im very disappointed! :(

  12. TxGirl says

    I got my first BB pearl, 2 questions, one do i need data service with tmo to use BB maps?is this the same with google maps too?i have to have internet to access navigation feature from BB?is there any site which offers downloadable maps, which does not require connecting to internet?can be installed like games:)all help will be appreciated

  13. Jacquelinna says

    Hello I am new and ready to receive by mail tomorrow my 8700c. Any good advise. I am open to suggestions….Good Night!

  14. Rowe says

    I love the 411 download, but am unable to use the GPS. I’ve enabled it on my Verizon Blackberry 8830, but when I make my Yellowpages GPS selection it searches and then tells me GPS is not available – suggestions?

    I’ve tried to download the push weather a few times and I get and Error 404 message that states the page is not designed for mobile devices. I’ve received this error on a few other downloads too – suggestions?

    Thank you!

  15. Bill Randle says

    Verizon has disabled the GPS functionality in the 8830. Rumor has they will enable it with their VZ navigator s/w due out this month or next (at $10.99/month).

  16. Rowe says

    I called VZW tech support and discovered they’re the only carrier that doesn’t enable the GPS service (all others do free of charge). They strategically informed me that ‘privacy issues’ prohibit them from enabling GPS functionality on their mobiles. They wouldn’t comment on when they’d enable this service, nor whether a cost would be associated with it. It’s free with T-Mobile, ATT, and Sprint. This is the first time I’ve been dissatisfied with VZW:(

  17. Sai says

    Well my list of top 5 applications (free) for blackberry pearl are
    1. Google Maps
    2. Google Talk
    3. InfoSpace Find it! – Amazing application, would actually rate it more than Google maps.
    4. iPhone skin (Christened as bPhone)
    5. Arent 4 enough that you have to look for 5th application – well it is Yahoo messeneger for mobile…. OK

  18. Shantyhag says

    Hi, all,

    I’m sitting and waiting for FedEx to deliver my new 8320 right now, and so am reading a lot about apps. Having used the 7520 for too long, I’m excited to have something with, you know, functionality beyond email.

    Wanted to know if anyone has tried the following, and what their impressions were:

    Free: Opera Mini 4 Beta? Looks great, like iPhone for the BB. Any impressions?

    Not Free, but maybe worth the coin: eOffice? Will it, as it looks, let me sit in a bar by the beach and do almost anything I need to do via WiFi and my BB?

    Any apps that allow both free sending and receiving of SMS? Came to realize that it’s not part of my t-mobile plan.


  19. Daniel says

    Hi guys,
    just another unbelievable software for free.
    VR+ its just let you record memos, voice messages, any sounds and store them in your blackberry or on SD card. I gave a try and it work fantastic. Paid version = You can email memos by email using blackberry.
    http://www.shapeservices.com is the page, but link is going to http://www.dovnload.com.
    I have it 1 week and think its really cool for work or fun.
    I just reply, because I foud so mach good stuff here :)

  20. Daniel says

    Hi guys,
    Ok and I live in the UK (so BB411 says nothink to me :)
    But my soft i using quite a lot (for free of course) :)
    1. Google email aplication (I really like layout of the aplication and don’t want be bothered all the time with “beep”, so I don’t using pushing email – don’t shoot at me!
    2. AccuWeather – pushed
    3. Google Maps – with GPS fantastic
    4. Mobipocket Reader – for reading Ebooks
    5. MyAlarm – extended alarm (6 more)
    6. Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger
    7. iSkoot – calling Skype on PCs for free! using contract minutes
    8. VR+ – recording voice for Blackberry
    9. Facebook
    10. Rebtel account – Call abroad using just your contract monthly minutes. Calling abroad as local calls :) Briliant – using a few months

    I hope its help 😉

  21. Braden Perkins (perkinsbraden@gmail.com) says

    google just released a really cool app that i thenk should be on the list. google mobile updater. i dont know what blackberrys it works on but it works wonderfully on my 8830. i would put it as number one (mainly because it autimaticly downloads half the others on the list) and it keeps them updated

    and google also just came out with a new version of google talk so if your using the old version your missing out.

    i also use yahoo! go it is handy for backing up your contacts. it has saved me many many times.

  22. Brent says

    Every time I go to the mobile.blackberry.com site on my Pearl and try to download the Microsoft Instant Messenger link I get an error message saying that my devise does not meet the system requirements. Any idea’s?

  23. mark says

    i just bought a bb 8830. so far the google maps app. is the best for me. anyway, wondering if there’s more free apps, games or anything for bb8830?

  24. Dale says

    I am confused now… I downloaded Solitaire and Texas Hold’em from mobile.blackberry.com and did not see anything about a charge. Are these applications free or am I going to be surprised the next time I get my bill?

    • Ray Cruz says

      You must be confused or bllshtng because that page leads to no where, much less to free blackberry stuff.

  25. says

    hi all,

    I am regular user of explorePDA.com and purchased lot of apps, i got 25% discount for the purchase.

    Downloaded a mobile games and themes from explorepda.com. good website and easy to download.

    Free download protection and good support. I will recommend to my friends

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  26. Booone says

    Hi all I have a BB pearl 8100 I try to watch youtube video but I can’t because my player is too old so anyone know how I can upgrade so I can watch youtube on my phone thankx

  27. sam murdoch says


    Just received my BB Curve 8310, when i try to download facebook it says something about windows XP and just sticks on 0% downloaded with 3 next and repeat buttons beneath it. Can anyone help with this.

    Also does anyone else have trouble when they are using telenav it says move to an open space and retry… very frustrating

  28. bleachedfan says

    Wap.evee.com free stuff, all you have to do is register(free).
    Videos! Need I say more! Youtube for blackberry!

  29. Dan says

    Here is a list of my favorite Blackberry Apps (in no particular order)
    *TV Guide Mobile
    *Pocket Express
    *WebMessenger (for Skype)
    *Google Maps
    *Radio Companion
    *Stock Viewer
    *Shark Modem
    *Guitar Hero 3 Mobile
    *Google Sync
    *Yahoo Messenger
    *Beyond 411

    And Grand Central (not really an app, but hella handy)

  30. Tee says

    is there any voice activated satnav/ GPS map for BB? I did download the google and also BB maps but they do not give voice directions like my tom tom satnav. Please help! Thanks

  31. Lana says

    For Canadians there’s a similar app as the BBPush weather…it’s called WeatherEye and it’s downloadable from theweathernetwork.com. LIFE SAVER!

  32. Swarup says

    Plz can u tell me where can i get desktop software for my Blackberry 7230 so that i can connect it to my computer and install games and other software and activate other.
    Thank you.

  33. steve says

    1. Google Maps – (super cool if you have GPS)
    2. Viigo 3.0 BETA – (all news, scores, ads) you need in one spot
    3. Vlingo Talk – and it type for you – very intiuitve
    4. iSkoot – Skpye for BB
    5. Opera Mini – WAAAY better than BB browser

  34. Dayvid says

    I can’t see any videos on my bb. What’s up with that? Do I need to download additional software to see anything other than the sample video that came with the phone?

  35. Fred says

    AmazeGPS – free GPS software with VOICE directions. I think the link is amazegps.com/mobile

    Big download. I haven’t used it because I am a prisoner of Verizon’s Gestapo tactics.

    Good luck

  36. jbrink4 says

    how do you put an @ symbol when you’re not in an email address field, i know that you just hit space, but it only works when you are in an e-mail block

  37. Jimi says

    Hi all, do you know if the yahoo mail application for blackberry charges something appart from the data plan??
    and the messenger services??

  38. says


    I purchased a Blackberry Bold 9000 from UK. But I am using this phone in Bangladesh without BB service because I purchased from UK not from them (my service provider).

    Can anyone tell me that are there any free software which i can install & Can use Push mail service like BB ?

    Highly appreciate your kind cooperation.

  39. deswv3 says

    This is crazy but all the stuff is already on my blackberry (it came with it already installed) u need to update this page

  40. says

    Most of these apps are already on my bb 8830 as well. Good list none the fact. Downloads.nl is a great website to get free ringtones/music on your bb. It also offers software and pictures such as different backroubds and such. Did I mention that the website is FREE as well!

  41. josh says

    I am tryin to find slacker radio for my curv and unable to download it. Could someone please send me a link that works. Thanx

    • jon says

      Go to google and type in pandora for blackberry its a lot better than slacker its free and u can hear. What u want not just what they are playing its never slow and its all free

  42. george says

    tried to get a weather app that will have a “find me” or a mobile location for radar because i travel alot and dont know the zipcode im in had a katna 6600 mycast worked great my curve cant support this lotech app can you help tia

  43. oklahomacitymesothelioma says

    Is there an app for balckberry pearl where you can download and works with skype where you will not use your cell phine minutes for long distance calls?

  44. emily says

    I am amazed that no one has yet to mention the single greatest app ever: SHAZAM.

    Ok, it’s not free. But you do get a free 2 month trial. Good enough for me.

  45. emily says

    I am amazed that no one has yet mentioned the single greatest app ever: SHAZAM.

    Ok, it’s not free. But you do get a free 2 month trial. Good enough for me.

  46. kris mc whinnie says

    Why is there not just an easy way to download app’s for a BB? I have a BB storm and I am starting to wish I had got an iphone at least there app’s are all in the same place easy to fined and easy to install. The other thing is there are no cool app’s in the uk. Facebook is the most exciting thing on my storm lol and google maps love the latitude serves on google maps k

  47. mike says

    hi guys, looking for an entirely free backgammon game for my curve 8310 – no demos please. any ideas where i could find it. tks.

  48. Sam Tepper says

    I have a Blackberry Storm. The following are indicated as free downloads:
    What are the step by step procedure to download those programs in my Blackberry?


  49. badabing says

    Hi got a 9530 and I can’t watch any videos and would love to know why and if there is something I can do to fix the problem. I stay in south Africa .

  50. ton star says

    Blackberry phones have the slowest internet in the whole world !!!!!!!!! Blackberry phones have spy software on them straight from the factory to spy on every one that uses them ; they follow where you are ,and can hear all the converstaions in the immediate area of where you are located. Even if you cut your phone off, they can still remotely cut it back on and record all sounds in your house or building. The United States government has been doing this every since George Bush gave the feds the right to wire tap any and every body in the United States with out a court order !!!!!!!!!

  51. john campell says

    I am trying to download. Adobe flashplayer on my blackberry torch. It can’t be done. What are blackberry users using in place of adobe, I would really appreciate a response, I don’t know what to do about this!!!

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