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Chances are that if you are reading this you did some type of search for Free BlackBerry Downloads or Free BlackBerry Applications.  After more the two and a half years of this being one of our most popular posts, we’ve had to update it a few times.  Below you will find several of our more recent Free BlackBerry Download type posts…  Happy Downloading…

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I was just thinking about the applications that I use most frequently on my BlackBerry and what I realized was that with the exception of the address book, the majority of them are free downloads.

That has prompted me to write this post and share with you what I believe to be 5 must have free BlackBerry downloads:

  1. BlackBerry Messenger — I am not going to tell you that BlackBerry Messenger is the best Free IM client for the BlackBerry, but, I am going to tell you that it is a must have free BlackBerry download because all BlackBerry users can use it.
  2. Google Maps — Google Maps is a nifty little app that allows you to easily search for businesses and get directions to and from, show you the location on a map, and even give you a satellite picture of the area. If you are looking for a Pizza parlor you could search for pizza with your zip code and all the matching results will be returned in an easy to navigate interface. One of the really cool features is that you can call the the business you searched for right from the Google Maps application.
  3. BlackBerry Push Weather — This is a neat little application that I really don’t even think about, however, get useful information from it everyday. BlackBerry Push Weather is exactly what it sounds like… an application that gets weather updates pushed directly onto your device. You can have weather updates sent to you as a message or have a browser channel appear on your homepage. You can download BlackBerry Push Weather directly to your BlackBerry by visiting http://mobile.blackberry.com/mss/category_push from you devices browser.
  4. Spider Solitaire — This is a free Solitaire game that can be found on the free game download area of the mobile.blackberry.com site provided by Magmic, Inc. Personally, this game has been the cause of countless hours of lost productivity
  5. Yahoo! Messenger for BlackBerry and Google Talk for BlackBerry — I know that these are really two applications so just think of one of them as a bonus. Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk are both free instant messaging clients for the BlackBerry. Both BlackBerry clients have the ability to communicate with both desktop versions of these applications and other BlackBerry versions seamlessly. I know that not everyone uses these clients, but if you do, they are definitely must haves.

This wraps up my list of 5 must have free blackberry downloads, however, I am sure that there are others that should be on the list. If you know of a good free BlackBerry download feel free to let us know in the comments.

  • Bryan

    PLEASE HELP!!! Does anyone know if there is a program I can download to watch videos from utube on my pearl? Preferably free. Please email a link to bryanhoward@csouth1.blackberry.net. TIA .

  • oklahomacitymesothelioma

    Is there an app for balckberry pearl where you can download and works with skype where you will not use your cell phine minutes for long distance calls?

  • emily

    I am amazed that no one has yet to mention the single greatest app ever: SHAZAM.

    Ok, it’s not free. But you do get a free 2 month trial. Good enough for me.

  • emily

    I am amazed that no one has yet mentioned the single greatest app ever: SHAZAM.

    Ok, it’s not free. But you do get a free 2 month trial. Good enough for me.

  • kris mc whinnie

    Why is there not just an easy way to download app’s for a BB? I have a BB storm and I am starting to wish I had got an iphone at least there app’s are all in the same place easy to fined and easy to install. The other thing is there are no cool app’s in the uk. Facebook is the most exciting thing on my storm lol and google maps love the latitude serves on google maps k

  • michael

    does anyone know of any free modems for use with blackberry

  • mike

    hi guys, looking for an entirely free backgammon game for my curve 8310 – no demos please. any ideas where i could find it. tks.

  • me

    berry 411 is only good when u cant afford GPS

  • mandy

    am in nigeria and want to download but dont no were to download songs,games and music thanks.

  • http://www.blackberrydownload.net Veselin Nedeff

    Thanks for the list, all the apps are nice. Here is a top 10 list with cool apps I found on another Blackberry site – http://www.blackberrydownload.net/top_10_coolest_free_applications_to_have_on_your_blackberry_phone.php I hope you will enjoy it

  • Sam Tepper

    I have a Blackberry Storm. The following are indicated as free downloads:
    What are the step by step procedure to download those programs in my Blackberry?


  • harun R

    I have BB 8520, wich mp3 music player is compatible for me.

  • chakri

    hi guys
    pls help me
    iam having bb 8310
    how can i download india maps
    pls reply to my e-mail

  • Paul

    Does anyone know how I can use my bb 8900 as a modem for my Micrsoft Vista PC

  • aye hlaing

    if anyone knows where to get free gtalk download, pls help me.

  • badabing

    Hi got a 9530 and I can’t watch any videos and would love to know why and if there is something I can do to fix the problem. I stay in south Africa .

  • ton star

    Blackberry phones have the slowest internet in the whole world !!!!!!!!! Blackberry phones have spy software on them straight from the factory to spy on every one that uses them ; they follow where you are ,and can hear all the converstaions in the immediate area of where you are located. Even if you cut your phone off, they can still remotely cut it back on and record all sounds in your house or building. The United States government has been doing this every since George Bush gave the feds the right to wire tap any and every body in the United States with out a court order !!!!!!!!!

    • samir

      How do I activate this system, someone told me about this but I’m not sure how to use it. Ill be glad for some help

  • http://zhaoshifeng.com sfengz

    it seems that people in China can’t use BlackBerry Messenger

  • bigsmallnokia

    I love it

  • ceriabelgia


  • stanley

    I need the application

  • john campell

    I am trying to download. Adobe flashplayer on my blackberry torch. It can’t be done. What are blackberry users using in place of adobe, I would really appreciate a response, I don’t know what to do about this!!!

  • john campell

    What apps are blackberry torch users having trouble downloading

  • adakole

    my black berry is sprint product the etisalat network in my country can not configure it why

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