5 More Free BlackBerry Storm Applications Worth Downloading

Our 5 Free BlackBerry Storm Applications Worth Downloading post that we did a week and a half ago was so popular in terms of page views that we’ve decided to follow it up with 5 more free BlackBerry Storm applications worth downloading.  This time, however, we are going to showcase BlackBerry Storm specfic applications that run only on the BlackBerry Storm.

  1. YouTube for BlackBerry Storm –  Although YouTube videos will play on a couple of different BlackBerry devices, the BlackBerry Storm is the first BlackBerry to receivce a mobile YouTube client that makes searching and finding popular videos along with signing into your YouTube account a cinch.
  2. WeatherBug for BlackBerry Storm –  Think Weatherbug for you desktop, but, on your BlackBerry Storm.  Hands down the best BlackBerry weather application available for the BlackBerry Storm.
  3. Tiltris –  Tiltris is a new spin on the popular game Tetris.  Instead of using buttons to control the direction that the blocks slide, you use the BlackBerry Storm’s accelorometer to “tilt” the blocks in the direction that you want them to move.
  4. iBerry Bottom Dock –  Not exactly a free BlackBerry Storm application, we know.  iBerry Bottom Dock is, however, arguably one of the best looking free BlackBerry Storm Themes out there right now.
  5. Readers Choice *** — Here is your chance to tell us one of your favorite BlackBerry Storm applications.  If you know of one worth downloading, leave us a description and a link in the comments.
  • Paul

    Storm Lock for sure. I like it better than the free one because you can create a list of numbers not to activate the lock on and it looks like a Blackberry native function. Also I customize the text so that it always writes Don’t Panic everytime I make a call. (a la HHGTTG)

    Also for fun try “StormSaber” and “BerryScreenCleaner” which are both free use storm specific apps.

  • Tom

    VIIGO hands down. Check it out at http://www.viigo.com/home

  • http://www.bbgpsgolf.com BBGPSGolf

    Call me biased, but I like my own Free BlackBerry Golf Rangefinder BBGPSGolf. And yes, it does work on the Storm. :)

    Here is my web site:

    And the latest version can be downloaded here:

  • xsehcx

    Podtrapper @ http://www.versatilemonkey.com I use this app more than any other

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  • nyr2k2

    For fans of the NHL, The Hockey News mobile is pretty sweet. Check it out at:


  • http://f5tech.blogspot.com mpresteg

    SocialScope (if you can get it). It’s in private alpha right now, but you can sign up for an invite: http://www.socialscope.net

  • D Train

    I know this isn’t really about games, but I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned Guitar Hero World Tour. Its the game everyone has been looking for.

  • http://www.rimarkable.com Robb Dunewood

    Guitar Hero is a great game, however, it isn’t free, which was a requirement in the original post.

    At some point I will write a post about the top BlackBerry applications out, free or premium.

  • D Train

    In fact, I can’t believe you didn’t write a whole article about GTWH. Everyone wanted to know where the games are for the Storm, well here’s the best one.


    Slacker radio is a must!

  • JaNohn

    I recently found Slacker Radio. This is very much like Napster or Pandora. It’s free. Check it out at http://www.slacker.com

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  • DonTech

    iHeartRadio is amazing on the Storm!! Apparently just announced today: http://www.iheartradio.com/blackberry

    Great stuff. Better than Slacker I think.

  • Rachel

    I really think google maps in a wonderful application and everyone should download it. The VZ Navigator is expensive and not worth paying for with the availability of google maps. Google maps shows you where you are and if you don’t know the location of where you want to go but know the name of it, you can just enter that in and google maps gives you possible locations.

    Very helpful. Downlaod.

  • gamerguy

    if you count themes as apps like on the iberry garbage(which btw the storm dookies all over the iphone) then i would have to say that the pip-berry 5000 theme is hands down the tightest theme i have seen so far. at rest there are no icons on the screen. they are divide down the middle and stay off screen until you softap. and every single icon is modded. very unique stuff comes from the theme builder. SADOS DEMITRIUS he has two versions of the pip berry that you can get free. dont know where anymore the site i got it from pulled it. google that shit and you will find it

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  • kathleen

    codes for tiltris does not work! please help! Thanx.