3 Internet Radio Applications For Your BlackBerry


Ever since the launch of the BlackBerry 8800, BlackBerry devices have been pretty capable at playing music.  The BlackBerry Media Player GIU interface is less than desirable, however, the hardware itself functions adaquately as an MP3 player.

If you were to ask me if I listen to music on my BlackBerry I would answer all the time.  I don’t think,  however, that I’ve ever listened to an MP3 on my BlackBerry Storm beyond the sample “World Traveler” track which came on installed on the device.

So, how do I listen to music all of the time on my BlackBerry with out ever playing MP3 files?  Well, it turns out that most of the newer model BlackBerrydevices just happen to make pretty darn good internet radios.

When it comes to to internet radio, there are a lot of different services out there, but, when it comes to internet radio on your BlackBerry, three services, two of which are free, stand out among the rest.

XM Mobile on BlackBerryThe first is XM Mobile on BlackBerry.  XM works quite will on supported BlackBerry devices.  It isn’t free, however.  It will set you back $7.99 per month.  The big problem that I have with it is that it costs you $7.99 per month regardless of if you already have an XM subscription on your car stereo.  No only that, you are only presented with a subset of your total channels on the BlackBerry client.  XM Mobile on BlackBerry is way too expensive for my taste but it does work incredibly well.

FlyCast for BlackBerryNext we have FlyCast for BlackBerry.  Flycast has well over a 1000 channels that you can listen to for free on your BlackBerry.  You can also listen to the same FlyCast Channels on you desktop.  The interface isnt’ as nice as XM, but, you absolutely cannot beat the price.

Slacker Radio For BlackBerryLast we have Slacker Radio for BlackBerry.  I have to admit that Slacker is my personal favorite internet radio player for the BlackBerry.  Like FlyCast, you can listen to Slacker via your desktop, however, there are just 100 channels available.  Slacker Basic is free, but you are limited from some of the advance features like unlimited skips, unlimited song reuquests, and you are presented with advertising.  Slacker Plus will set you back $3.99 per month.

I actually have both Slacker and FlyCast installed and I listen to both off them frequently.  As big a fan of the BlackBerry that I am, it still doesn’t replace my iPod Video that goes everywhere with me, however, it is definitely my internet radio device of choice.


  1. ZZTop says

    I am pretty sure the Pearl 8100 from TMobile was the first device that was capable of playing music. The first BlackBerry phone with a trackball, i.e a Pearl and the first BlackBerry phone with a media player. The guy in the photo in your post is also using a Pearl od some kind.

  2. John says

    activating the second one is a pain..who knows those settings?

    the last one is only good in the US. Not so good for us who are in canada.

  3. TheDenver411 says

    Slacker Radio is completely overrated…. too much of a pain setting it up and creating a profile that its not really worth it.

  4. Tim says

    I have Flycast, Slacker and vRadio. vRadio is not as clear as the other two stations but they have a larger international music listing. So far, it’s the only radio station that has vietnamese talk and music stations as well as other foreign stations.

  5. NattieLiz says

    Pandora is really the only internet radio that’s worthwhile.

    I’m really not liking how verizon is keeping us b’berry users in the dark ages as more and more killer and useful apps emerge for the iphone.

  6. D Train says

    Slacker is not overrated. I set up my account in about five minutes and listen to it daily. And it let’s me cache my favorite stations.

  7. semenone says

    Also, there’s Iheartradio but I don’t know which units it works for. By the way iphone is a crutch for lazy americans

  8. gregman says

    First one to allow adobe reader into the system wins…I’d put my money on i-phone since blackberry president peter broughall is an @sshole.

  9. gregman says

    RESEARCH this motion ! Thanx for the $200 F*** pete.if you intend on any blkbrry streaming…lol…take birth control…PS…RIM solutions is a joke…what solution ?

  10. jventuring says

    Have tried both, slacker and fly cast. What bothers me most is that I have to tun off my firewall, to listen to either one of the two. Have not found a way to use them, without droping security. Not happy with them for that reason they seem to require you give them to much private data and access to the phone.

  11. neil says

    Can anyone tell me how to listen to NY cbs880 am radio on my blackberry. I have slacker and flycast installed but does not seem to have it available. Am I doing something wrong or is it not available?

    • Scott Strang says

      I was using Nobex to listen to NY’s WCBS 880 AM and 1010 WINS and now neither will play.

      I have a BB Tour and am using Verizon. The AOL CBS Radio app may work for you and will have those stations. That app will not work on my phone but might on yours. Good Luck!


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