$20,000 Diamond Studded BlackBerry Case

Valentines Day is quickly approaching and if you don’t have a clue as to what to get your loved one, Case-Mate may have just the thing for you.

You’ve heard the saying “Nothing says I love you like diamonds.” Well, Case-Mate has taken that and run with it. The picture above is a BlackBerry case studded with 3.5 carats of diamonds coated with 15 grams of gold.

The Case-Mate diamond studded BlackBerry case is valued at $20,000, however, this puppy is being given away tomorrow at booth #9104 at CES.

  • Nelson R.

    Who in their right mind would walk around with a $20,000 case which holds a $200 device.

  • Zander

    If they really want to make a splash, they should keep the diamond blackberry case and give away $20,000 worth of regular cases.

  • http://www.rimarkable.com Robb Dunewood


    I couldn’t agree with you more…


    I think this guy might be interested, although, I here he has moved to the iPhone.

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  • bluehorseshoe

    For Valentine’s day, hellno should buy me the case, even if I have a Pearl. :) For 20k, I’ll get a Curve with AT&T. How about it hellno?

  • cbs2669

    This is not only incredibly stupid, but damned ugly as well.

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  • DerlinStiles

    That case is so freakin’ money!!! It toight, like a toiga. It’s intensity in 10 cities! Live at Budokahn. I’m saving up. I might even consider selling my diamond-studded pocket knife to get it.

  • http://doodeesthailand.blogspot.com/ Doodee

    Thanks for sharing

  • alinnible

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