2 Out Of 3 Verizon BlackBerry Users Plan To Switch To The iPhone

According to a survey from market research firm uSamp, 2 out of 3 Verizon BlackBerry users plan to switch to the Verizon iPhone.  That is a whopping 66% of the over 700 respondents that took part in the survey.  When we asked Verizon BlackBerry users if they were going to switch  to the Verizon iPhone 4 when the device was made available (briefly) for pre-order, the overwhelming majority of those that left comments said that they were switching.  This simply cannot be good for RIM…

As I’ve said before, I believe that many more people will say they are going to switch than those that actually will, but, even if you take this uSamp survey and the comments section on a BlackBerry blog with a grain of salt, RIM stands to lose a ridiculous number of BlackBerry users to churn…

I know that Verizon is just one carrier in one country, but, a significant number of all BlackBerry users are Verizon subscribers, and those numbers are in jeopardy.  A lot of folks say that RIM is going down the path of Palm, but, RIM is still very strong overseas.  So strong in fact that I think that a better analogy for RIM is that they are going down the path of Nokia.  That, however is for another post…

I think that it is clear that, not only because of of iPhone 4, but, all the Verizon Android devices as well, it will be a tough year for RIM.  Too many consumers in the U.S. think BlackBerry devices just aren’t as appealing as the higher end smartphones.  Whether this is actually true or not (personally I believe that it is), the perception is there, not only on existing BlackBerry devices, but, those on the road map to come out later this year.

  • gquaglia

    Bye, bye RIM.

  • timeinsf

    This topic of iPhone v Android v RIM v Symbian v WebOS v WP7 is starting to bore me. Every site I go to it is the same constant banter on this topic. Long gone are the days of focused discussion on each platform and/or devices without the banter of which is better. I have both worked and participated in surveys and market research and you can present the questions and results to suit your agenda. Merely present the questions in a form and manner to garner the desired results. Oh well, I guess you guys need to make a living by republishing surveys on the same old topic.

    In closing, we know that all of these companies Apple, Google, RIM, Nokia, Mircosoft, HP, etc. are strong comapnies and that they will all face challenges in the course of doing business. However, with the right leadersip they will continue to innovate and reinvent themselves. We get it– let’s move off this “which is better” topic.

  • timeinsf

    This topic of iPhone v Android v RIM v Symbian v WebOS v WP7 is starting to bore me. Every site I go to it is the same constant banter on this topic. Long gone are the days of focused discussion on each platform and/or devices without the banter of which is better. I have both worked and participated in market research and surveys and know that you can present the questions and results to suit your agenda. Merely present the questions in a form and manner and without qualification and you can garner the desired results. Oh well, I guess you guys have need to make a living by republishing the multitude of surveys on this same, now, boring topic.

    We know that all of these companies Apple, Google, RIM, Nokia, Microsoft, HP, etc. are financially strong companies. In addition, they are all bound to face multiple challenges in the course of doing business. We also know that with the right leadership that they will continue to innovate and reinvent themselves. Just look at the recent leadership changes at some of these companies. I am sure that they are all paying close attention to their numbers, and know that they have to take action whether they are at the top or struggling to stay at the top.

    On a lighter note and in closing, I have a very close friend that hangs up on me almost every time I am on the phone with him. When he calls me back he always tells me that he had to take an incoming call and had to hang up on me because he has not yet figured out how to place a call on hold and take a second call. Guess which phone? Answer: The iPhone. Keep in mind that he has had an iPhone since day one, including the latest model, and still cannot learn how to place a call on hold and take a second call. The bottom line is that people will buy the phone that suits them just because they think it is the phone for them. We get it–let’s have more discussion on topics, which brought me to your site in the first place. I am bored with the “which is better” and “I am buying next” phone discussions.

    • gquaglia

      Your friend must be stupid then. If it’s a feature that he needed, there are plenty of places to find out how to do it.

  • timeinsf

    Sorry for the double post. Fat fingers got in the way before I was ready to submit.

  • ja2bk

    So, once you have your iPhone, will you change the name of this blog to Remarkable Mobile? The question isn’t how many people switch, it is how many people stay switched after making that choice? Verizon isn’t exactly the best carrier to survey considering the fact they don’t really push Blackberry much. Now if they were pushing the Blackberry as well as Android, then I would say it is a good survey. But, if your carrier has written them off (remember Palm on T-mobile?), then of course you are not left with much options.

    • http://www.rimarkable.com Robb Dunewood

      I am not getting the iPhone and RIMarkable isn’t changing names. It is true that Verizon isn’t really pushing BlackBerry devices these days. It’s kind of amazing how much can change in just over two years. If you go back fall of ’08, Verizon was the premier BlackBerry carrier in the U.S. even though they got CDMA devices 6 to 12 months after AT&T.

      • ja2bk

        That was my mistake. It’s actually Rod who is getting the iPhone. Vz had remorse after not getting the iPhone originally after seeing people fleeing. Android was a good replacement for a lot of those who liked the idea of a touchscreen, a camera, and music player all in one with the phone. But, if they can still sell feature phones, there is no reason not to push Blackberry as an option instead of focusing on Android and now, probably, the iPhone. AT&T still helped develop a touchscreen Blackberry even though they had the iPhone.

  • jordan

    I would switch today. It’s a no brainer and I have an update, but I can’t live without bbm. I’m waiting until the storm 3 or montana. Those are coming out sometime this spring right?

    • DavidB

      No Jordan, re-read the leaks about the CDMA devices. Late summer at best. And if Verizon pulls their standard crap it will be even later. My money says Sprint will push all those new devices HARD to make a push to be the “go to” carrier for BlackBerry.

      Verizon was foolish to delay BlackBerry 6 for so long, for not picking up the Style, for canning the Storm2R, so many bad things they’ve done to RIM but they knew they would get iPhone4 and that one device will sell them millions more two year contracts than a half dozen BlackBerry models would sell.

      • gquaglia

        Your kidding right? Sprint is smarter then that. US carriers have seen the future and it doesn’t include BB. RIM is a sinking ship, any carrier that puts its eggs in that basket is doomed.

  • GC

    The part that this survey missed is including platforms other than iOS. If you threw just Android into the mix I think the margin would have been 80 to 90 percent plan to switch.
    Personally I am a longtime BB user and plan to switch to the Atrix when its released. I am tired of waiting for RIM to come out with a top end modern phone in a timely manner. The phones that they have announced for later this year have the same specs as iOS and Android phones brought to market last year.

  • Norman R.

    You made the analogy to RIM and Nokia, and, I kind of think that you might be right. I think that RIM has shifted their focus from North America to the rest of the World where they have much more growth potential with these lower end, lower priced smartphones.

  • ja2bk

    its funny reading “tired of waiting” statements. If you have a 8100 series, 8200 series, 8300 series, 8800 series, 9000, or 0lder device, I can understand this statement. But if you have anything after that, I’m not sure you were doing much waiting as your contract is just now coming to an end or about to. So, how much waiting did any of you really do? Now, I could understand not having any options at this time, but who says you need to get into another contract right now?

    • DavidB

      Of course nobody HAS to get a new contract right now, but people that read sites like this a gadget geeks. We gadget geeks are ALWAYS wanting the last and greatest.

      As for waiting, I have a 9530 from launch day (Nov 2008). I’ve been eligible for an upgrade thus since May 2010, and Verizon has had NOTHING to offer in those 8 months except Android and now iPhone. And even BlackBerry devices on other carriers in the time since (like Torch or Style for example) are essentially the same device as my 2+ year old Storm. Same slow CPU, same ancient java based OS, low res screen and camera compared to the competition, etc.

      • ja2bk

        A gadget geek doesn’t even keep a phone for 2 years. I have had several phones in the past year (Android, Blackberry, and iPhone) and I wouldn’t even say I’m a gadget geek.

  • Jennier C.

    The RIM and Nokia comparison may be right whether RIM wants it or not. Diliberately releasing Storm 3 after iPhone 4 can only mean they have lost interest in keeping current BB Storm owners and what makes it worse is there is no date when it will be released. Actually I’m wrong; it will be released between the end of this month and the end of this year; maybe. If they had released Storm 3 before Iphone 4 or at least announced a soon to be released date, they may have held onto the majority of Storm owners who would wait in hopes that this time they made the Storm 3 a great phone, instead of a phone with great potential. That not being the case, the majority of Storm owners I know or interface with on the internet are switching to the iPhone. I am sitting on the fence in hopes that RIM will come thru with a soon to be released date. If I decide to switch it will be the same reason I originally switched to the Storm, touch screen curiosity and the hope for a better phone.

  • stanford

    I think that the only truly committed users of Blackberry will be those that want/need a physical keyboard and want/need the superior email performance. People that want a “cool device” and a gadget that also happens to be able to use email will never want a Blackberry over the competition. So, if RIM thinks they will outcompete Google and Apple on the gounds of “cool gadget”, they truly are in trouble.

    • gquaglia

      I’m really tired of the BB superior email experience BS. If you are using BES, then yes, but if not, email on the BB sucks ass. No exchange support, no IMAP folder support. RIM tards love to say how wonderful the BB it at email when its really not.

    • J.Will

      If you don’t have a BES, email sucks on the BlackBerry. No Active Sync support natively, and, how can it be 2011 and RIM still doesn’t support IMAP? The BlackBerry used to so much better at email than everything else that most people that have been stuck on BlackBerry for the past few years still think that it is. This is no longer the case…

      BlackBerry users, you certainly have friends that have the iPhone or an Android device. Send an email to one of them and ask them to let you read it on their device and reevaluate what superior email is really like.

      • ja2bk

        I imagine they don’t support IMAP as that would contradict the need for their BIS service.

  • GC

    Superior e mail performance? Truncated e mail? C’mon.

  • Brian

    The way the survey questions were worded do not really matter. The real story to me is Verizon does not have any recent BlackBerry’s… No touch OS 6 devices?

    I just can’t imagine someone picking up a OS 5 device and buying it these days. The first thing they do is pop open the Web Browser… After trying to load one page they are on to playing around with other devices at the store.

    The OS 5 Web Browser is soooo bad… I can’t believe RIM is still allowing phones with OS 5 on sell. It’s hurting their brand.

    Also, I always hear this “RIM is going to focus on the lower end of the market”…

    Hmmmm… There is only one problem with that…. a shitty BlackBerry Curve with 5.0 costs the SAME to manufacture as the iPhone… I know it’s hard to believe. But it’s true. Apple can keep the prices waaay down because they only manufacture 1 phone (ok now two… GSM and CDMA).

    Don’t look at the contract prices… Go look at the prices off contract. There is not much distance between the iPhone and a Curve. Not enough to warrant someone in a “3rd world country” to go BlackBerry.

    The PlayBook is going to really hurt RIM’s short game but 2 years from now I think you will see what a brilliant move it was. By that time I believe RIM will have QNX phones and Tablets that will rival Apple in market-share. Till then RIM is just trying to stop the bleeding with 6.0 and 6.1

    • ja2bk

      Unfortunately, your logic only works in non “3rd world”, as you call it, countries. Blackberries tend to sell for less than the iPhone or they get family members in US, Canada, etc. to buy an unlocked phone for them as it is even cheaper this way. The clencher is the data plans are cheaper for the Blackberry often times, so folks will not buy any other smartphone (iPhone included) until the plans are comparable. Most people are on prepaid plans and add minutes as needed. Typing in a code sequence turns on the blackberry plan with little effort. There are options for 1 week, 2 weeks, and 1 month service. Plus they can use BBM to chat with family and friends abroad for no extra cost. Not to mention the fact some of the countries have either GPRS or 3G. EDGE was skipped or is being skipped. So, it is very much easier to do the blackberry plan.

      All that aside, I will agree with them still having 5.0 OS devices out there. If you are paying almost the same price for a phone, and the plan price is the same, the Blackberry will not win most use cases.

  • http://www.findmygift.co.uk Samuel

    Something I still find interesting is that on a general basis Blackberry still stick to having a screen and static button keypad – obviously they have a couple screen versions – but just on a general basis.

  • BBnewbie

    I remember in 2007 when folks posted on this website that they saw the iPhone and its “toyish” touch screen as just a fad. Of course, the iPhone folks went ballistic over that. Who knew it would have played out as it did. Oh well, I still like my BB.

  • Mad and Disgruntled

    Just switched my number over to my brand new iPhone 4. So long BlackBerry.