1. nick v says

    Sick Joke where is the replacement for the 7520 (Nextel)? The Sprint reps are saying its the 7100 which does not have a full keyboard thus leaving all 7520 users out in the cold. Is there another company out there that has ever got people hooked on a phone and then offered no real replacement? How about getting on them Dunwood? Raise a little heck would ya?

  2. says

    So, here is the question. Is the 7520 the last full QWERTY BlackBerry because RIM decided not build another device on the iDen network which is going away in a few years or Sprints decision not to buy addition iDen devices for the Nextel network that they are trying to get everyone to switch of off?

  3. hellno says


    wave the white flag, nextel and iden are D D D DONE. Sprint wants everyone over on the cdma network the obsolete iden network is nothing but a costly burden at this point. If once Nextel, iden customers don’t like it then it’s time to move to another provider. RIM has little reason to build cdma Blackberry’s, RIM has zero reason to build iden blackberry’s.

    Nextel.. Done. They have been telling us that since 2003 now. Its time to believe them.

  4. says

    There are not enough Nextel BlackBerry users (or iDen for that matter) to warrant creating a new device. My Sprint reps said that if another iDen BlackBerry comes out it will probably be a hybrid device. Nextel’s Direct Connect with Spint’s cellular service.

  5. D_Bertino says

    Fine, come out with a hybrid blackberry then… But make sure that:

    1) The Sprint and Nextel phone plans overlap (pool minutes) I don’t really care if the phone is on the IDEN or CDMA network. Push to Talk, YES, phone calls, NO…
    2) Make sure wireless manager can control and update both Sprint and Nextel phones.

  6. Buzz says

    I heard from the sprint dealer in my area that a new sprint/nextel blackberry was scheduled to come out in feb. but got pushed back to sept. He says that it is defienate that it will come out

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